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  1. 2 minutes ago, RaeLeeH said:

    Traditional spotted: 2:16a.m. AEST / 9:16a.m. (?) SLT (I'm guessing the SLT, I'm not in-world to see for myself).

    And with that I am off to bed and will resume the search again tomorrow/tonight AEST! Nini *hugs abound* ❤️ 

    EDIT: Sorry @MaidenHu we posted almost the same time there, but looks like we saw the same one.

    Yes we did and I had  just set up my window, so  I was pleased.

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  2. 22 hours ago, Seba Serpente said:

    Yea, thats the old way to play SL, being extremely restricted and limited. Ebbe talks about wishes to keep Second Life fresh and evolving with the times. Staying with that old idea of limiting you to enjoy your things mostly only in your own land defeats the purpose of having a larger world, and that is something I strongly believe needs to be part of the evolution. Open world platforms aren't this restrictive. Second Life does not needs to be restrictive, and I do believe this issue stops it from being more sucessfull.

    You have to dress your  avatar anyways, one one item is not  stressful.  Really it's jost  cop out, to put the responsibility on someone else when there is already an easy fix.

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  3. If you have been in SL more than 2 days you KNOW you can't rez at a place you don't own, so why are we complaining. There are tons of wearables, and some very cheap. Where is the positive outlook?

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  4. 28 minutes ago, CynicismSells said:

    Oh noes! If I could trade you I would! It's situations like these that make you wish house swapping was a do-able thing. 😅

    ETA honestly the two front ones don't even bother me that much.... it's the rear two... ok it's the front two too...

    I so wish we could, I'd be at yo house with my moving truck

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  5. 2 hours ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

    Nope - they are outside of your parcel and part of the landscaping.  If you want something different, you will need to Abandon that property and try for another location.

    ETA: Honestly, I'd probably put hedges inside them (within your parcel lines) all the way around, creating a gate or archway or something where the walkway comes in.


    awwww sad, I wish I had those on mine... I had to  use the ones in the kit and they count against my LI. Funny how we  don't quite get what we want

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  6. I am pretty much an introvert and conversions, in the forums and group chats add to it. It disheartens me each time some feels its ok to be a bully, cruel or mean. Gives me very little faith in humanity. We really need to do better.


    Thank you patch for all your hard work and you massive  heart.

    Thank you each and every Linden that  puts in  the time and loves second life as much as each and everyone of the residents.

    Thank you to the moles  whole  are working hard each and every day.

    Thank you to every resident, that takes the time to help another resident.

    take the time to tell someone thank you, sometimes they really need it.



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  7. 14 hours ago, Nando Yip said:

    Hi, I'm a visual artist and set designer at RL and use SL since 2007 for some works that mix reality and virtual platforms.
    I would like to know if anyone can inform you if it exists, or if there is any forecast for an Art and Performance gallery to be installed in Bellisseria.

    That is one the things that the Bellisseria fair grounds can reserved  and used for, I just don't know how to go about doing it.

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  8. 6 hours ago, Raven Cedarbridge said:

    Being in SL since 2009 and always had a Linden home was VERY excited to see the NEW homes and House boats....amazing concept and idea and i thank Linden for this....so i did abandon my old linden home, which i had since 2009 and have tried numerous times with no such "luck" even getting a new linden home....actually i am a bit frustrated....living in the pacific 3 hours behind SL i stayed up with lols of coffee and did paper work Friday to purposely try to get a home.  Never once did i see it in the get your home section, and found out when i woke up today that the homes were given gone by 7am....i find it odd as i was up SL time before that for 4 hours and never seen it once.....personally i feel there should be a kind of waiting list for people who want a NEW home ....i so love the House Boats...what an amazing concept.....but at least with a waiting list ...there is hope and encouragement...that you will get a home....right now i am not very encouraged.....any feed back on this would be good.....chuckles and it says i am a noobie maybe to this forum but been in SL since 2009 smiles happy

    I think all you want is a bit of encouragement, and don't give up, plenty of us have been hitting the refresh button on the lindens home- request page since a April. You will get a home, each and every last one of us will. 😉

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