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  1. Yeahhhh!!! Finally be able to log in. Whatever it was, thanks for solving it. (firestorm and original viewer). Mesh sandbox 2 although has a terrible, really terrible lag. (no one there)...anyway. Thanks:)
  2. And same here, goes on for days already, I downgraded firestorm, (clean install), installed the official viewer, removed all sl related files, including temporary etc, reboot modem, pc, Builders Brewery said it is an FS issue and advised me to downgrade. But the result remains the same. Login failed. Despite our best efforts etc etc. Someone filed already a JIRA, but until now no reaction from LL.
  3. Same here, login, login failed, this goes on for 2 weeks at least Steps I took: Downgraded firestorm (clean install), Installed official viewer, changed locations, reboot modem, pc, registry cleaning, temporary files cleaning. All in vain. Any one has an idea what is going on? In the Builders Brewery group it was said that it is a firestorm issue, but I get the same error when using the official viewer. Sigh.
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