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  1. I figured it out through trial and error, but thank you.
  2. I'm very confused as to what exactly you're implying I do. And I'm opposed to the idea because I HAVE tried different weighting and still the same problem. Not as intense bone heat: https://gyazo.com/8d2f095ce0433c8c2cc7c45a258c7984 And that rotated: https://gyazo.com/9f7ed84d443439ad9f423b73c4b2b7d6
  3. Hello! So I'm working with the slink creator's kit and avastar. I've watched as many tutorials as I could possibly find on rigging with slink and avastar or just avastar alone. So here goes. I'm making a pair of gloves, I've gotten the data transfered, I bound them to the armature, I can move the avastar sliders and the body and the gloves move... But then I try to rotate the gloves and this happens:  Yes I am FULLY aware that a mesh should not be weight painted all red, but no matter how I paint the weights, it distorts. Any clue why it's doing this?
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