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  1. Got my place yesterday after much refreshing of the Linden Homes page, hooray! I wanted a fence but the LI to enclose the whole yard was too much, so I settled on this bit of picket fence between two hedges for now.
  2. Switching to Isis lowered my monthly clothing budget, that's a benefit of sorts. When I'm at events and see pretty Lara stuff I just remind myself of how many Lara exclusive items didn't fit my body anyway because of higher body fat. Don't have that problem as much with Belleza, so the number of brands on my list is about the same.
  3. I am trying to picture how a mediocre lot on Bellisseria would be advertised on the mainland. A tree in the middle of the street you say? "Historic!"
  4. Per the question at the top of the thread, what will happen to mainland, well, I hope these new premium homes are a rousing success and result in an adjustment of what exactly constitutes valuable mainland property. The prices for even moderately not-ugly (rare! protected! roadside! ie anything not 100% landlocked) parcels are already somewhat obscene and will look even more so from the deck of a 1$/month waterfront houseboat. I'm sure 2X prim will hold but I did happen to fly over a 28k plain jane parcel in Horizons this morning. More of that and I might have a chance to grab one.
  5. I made it sound like its only about sharing personal information but it applies to the totally mundane. The simple difference between "Did you see the game last night?" vs "Great game eh!"
  6. The differences in how people advance a conversation are interesting to me. From my limited experience, for example, in the eastern and Maritime provinces of Canada people more generally show their interest by asking direct questions. In the west people share things about themselves unbidden, but also as a way of inviting their conversation partners to share something of the same level of intimacy. I’m very much of the latter school but it can lead to awkwardness or seeming like I’m just going on about myself. And someone who is used to an indirect style can bristle or freeze up in the face of well meaning but blunt questions.
  7. Lovely. Reminds me of spring here, right after the snow melts but before all the saturated greens appear.
  8. Some kind of gacha +luck multiplier would probably do it. I have several premium accounts already though and the gifts are the biggest disappointment to me. My first "gift" was some winter something pass with literally no explanation as to its purpose. Designers, god bless 'em, somehow manage to crank out a half--dozen items per month for the endless parade of shopping events.... I would think the Lindens could manage, say, one amazing (or even somewhat interesting!) item a month.
  9. Profiles that parody generic profile cliches are the worst cliche of all. I also love quotes.
  10. Working on my yard. After a year of having my own place, it's kinda sorta starting to make sense. Thanks Kotelle for mentioning that Pixel Mode sale! I got a fence and a new greenhouse and and and ☺️
  11. Maybe try some shoulder deformers. Two with demos available on MP. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Shoulder-Bring-Down-DEMO/16442853 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Eredita-DEMO-Shoulder-Morphs-6-Sizes-Mesh-Body-Enhancement/16249964
  12. Also if you do like Pink Fuel and pale skins, check out the Doll V2 bundle.... you get body appliers in all configurations (freckles, no freckles, no nipples, buff, soft, etc etc) for the big three makers, several head appliers and a bunch more.
  13. Pink Fuel and Deetalez have freckled body applies. Deetalez are slightly more prominent imo.
  14. Honestly I would reframe the whole thing in terms of looking for a committed play partner, or some such phrasing. Skip "ownership" even if that is the ultimate goal, because of the strong reactions it can evoke, as seen in this thread. When you find a match in terms of style, schedule, chemistry etc, a conversation about taking it further is only natural. The only long term D/s relationship I've had happened by accident is where I am coming from
  15. A square 48x48 island plot—mostly sand with a surrounding water's edge. Buffered by a strip of abandoned land in a low-lag sim. L$6000 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bastet/221/230/22
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