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  1. I came to SL from IMVU and as far as I understand it Sansar is a 3D Virtual IMVU with the possibility to walk around and sometimes interact with objects. ( at least for now) If you wanted to create in IMVU you´d had to use external programs like Maya to make mesh and upload it. Sounds kinda really boring and I LOVE SL and how one can interact and create in this connected world. I have an invite for Sansar and I will check it out, but I think SL is so awesome plus it´s a goldmine for LL, since it´s set up and running and so I hope they will not ever pull the plug on SL and hopefully further advance it. If Sansar turns out to be cool, make it a parallel thing, but not at the costs of SL. Besides that, VR sets still suck immensely and will at the soonest start to work and be affordable from the 2nd generation on. So in conclusion I have to say that, IF Sansar will be some day go the way of SL in the way of creating and interacting, great, I´m in but if it will go in the direction of IMVU where you basically just shopped til you dropped to have stuff to set up in your rooms, I´m out. But in any case I will stick with SL, because I truly love it and I think it´s greatest online world EVER and I met so many nice people there, it would be a shame to just pull the plug. I wish LL good luck with Sansar and I hope it´ll be as awesome as SL (in it´s own way)
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