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  1. Tillia recently processed a payment of 4.01 USD to Canadian $ at a exchange rate of $1.55. Compare to a typical exchange rate of $1.40 at most (pay pal does better, I think!) and you come up with a 12% rip off factor. 12% additional profit for Tillia / LL. This wouldn't be bad if we could just have them process the payment in USD, it would avoid the usurious additional fee. Tillia should butt out of currency exchange and leave that to the resident's bank to determine the rate, and pay LL in USD. Otherwise this system is onerous for non-US residents! Even when I tried to use my US dollar visa,
  2. I'm not seeing the full answer to this question. There is a very simple one (for those of you dropping in a year later). The Online Detector HUD on marketplace for 10 L can give people your online status despite any attempts you can make to hide it. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Online-Detector-Notepads-V15-Online-Status-Indicator-HUD/6350249 Sorry! That's how people do it. It flashes up green almost as soon as you log in to the person wanting to track you.
  3. I went through a lot of the camera dialogs to no avail, until I read about Agneoco's suggestion: Shift-Escape reset my camera.
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