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  1. I'm not very familiar with net protocol, I've never thought it was important since I never really had any issues before with SL until now (and only with SL). I did move to a new location so I'm wondering whether that has anything to do with it. But I'm curious, what should my ping look like? Since we're ruling out downspeeds. I'm also curious to know the difference between quality over performance. I had experienced up to 2mbps with satellite internet in the past and has proven to be much slower compared to mobile services at the same speeds.
  2. There was an archived post with a similar issue, but the users seemed to agree that it was a connection problem. I disagree. I play games with about 10~15mbps down speeds and my rig is pretty decent for high end gaming. I've played SecondLife on the same PC before, so I'm certain it's not my internet that is the problem. I'm able to log in and load up the last location I was in, and the objects rendered quickly. But every time I try to teleport, I get disconnected mid-way leaving me at the loading screen. So I'm not sure why it allowed me to load up at all? Has anyone experienced this? If so, what did you try? Serious answers will be appreciated.
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