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  1. Ctrl-Alt-PAvatar → Movement → Move Lock not working for me need help
  2. im not asking to use more just asking why isnt it reading the 6gb or 8gb of Dedicated Vram is it because i have a 2060 6gb and 2070 8gb and SL hasnt ctach up yet
  3. my question isnt getting answered you 'll are give bad info i was asking why isnt it reading my Vram and all dont understand plz give the answer to my question and not on how to do old stuff that has nothing to do with my question all of this answers is like call teck support and the first thing they ask is did you try turning it on like wow really
  4. out of date info here is the update info https://gyazo.com/544c51b0aa5cd9053f74fcbb0933327c
  5. here something to upgrade your info on https://gyazo.com/544c51b0aa5cd9053f74fcbb0933327c Your info is out of date stop using it
  6. you do know that doesnt do anything right
  7. and your talking about old videocards i have a new videocard 2019 videocard the new teck but your 10fps has nothing on what im getting
  8. stll doesnt answer why SL isnt reading my Vram
  9. you do know that isnt your Vram right that is the games vram limit and that doesnt change i have 6gb and a 8gb it always says 2048mbs
  10. it isnt reading my vram how to i get FS to see my vram
  11. this was no help what is the pic for there is guide on what you check or uncheck it is just a pic with no info
  12. chalox


    how do i leave Premium Membership says there is live chat but know one to talk to
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