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  1. Yes there is. Look up Thomas Conover in Secondlife, look at his picks and go to his gadget place. Buy the, "Avatar Online HUD". it has instructions in the box and costs around 350L. Basically, you put in the uuid of the person in the config notecard. Then there name will be green on the hud if online, red if offline and white if online in the same sim as you. You can enter up to 40 uuids and track 40 per hud. it is copy so you can have several huds if you need to trackk that many, but omg hahaha Conover has made this hud for years and it is totally NOT against TOS. Mr. Conover is not in SL any more, but the store remains. He is also on Marketplace but that hud is only available in his inworld store. Good Luck and happy hunting! Ed
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