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  1. Hello! We appreciate your compliments on the video! If you are interested in joining our mission, we'd love to have you! I'll link you to the application, it's located on the bottom of this page here: http://www.alliancefamilyhealthcare.com/#!careers/kqs9g Thanks for the support!
  2. Alliance Family Health Care - Due to Launch June 2016 6 Story Purpose-Built Hospital | Family friendly | 100% PG Join Our Remarkable Team! Join a medical team operating as an independent hospital that serves all patients from various surrounding communities! Explore Careers at Alliance. Non-Medical Career Opportunities Include: ◦ CSR ◦ Valet Driver ◦ Receptionist ◦ Hospitality Agent    Medical Career Opportunities Include: ◦ Physicians & Nurses ◦ Pediatrics ◦ Maternity ◦ Urgent Care ◦ Primary Care  Emergency Career Opportunities Include: ◦ Dispatch ◦ Trauma Team ◦ ER RN ◦ EMS Team   Become a Patient of Alliance! Become a Patient of Alliance! ◦ Click to learn about our High End Maternity Services ◦ Click to explore the Maternity Information section of our website. ◦ Click to peek at what our VIP Mommies-to-Be gain access to: The Mommy Network ◦ Click to discover our suite of medical services. ◦ Click to see the benefits of exclusive access to Elevation | Spa & Fitness. More About Us ◦ Authors of The SL Pregnancy Handbook: Having Your Baby ◦ Developers of the Rapid Results Pregnancy Test Find us on Facebook Join Our Group NBS (396)-396-0000 www.alliancefamilyhealthcare.com  ◦
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