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  1. okay so this a old bug wich never been fixed https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-100891
  2. This entire bug is just weird But will enable firestorms owns ao Cuz my friends have this issue not me and want to look into it myself too
  3. yes that does work in order to fix it but after a relog rlv is completly disabled yet it still preforms the issue so it cant be rlv related anymore
  4. it dint work and also does not explain why the stand option is still availible and i just figured its not even rlv related anymore the issue is still there even when turning off rlv completly
  5. alright we just managed to cause this error even when rlv is disabled wich makes me more confused
  6. the stand button is still there but now it gets weirder as where testing stuff now altho he cant move and we can push him he Can move when in mouselook but his body stays at the exact same spot but his name tags moves
  7. the person who you see in the .gif is the owner of the sim we are currently in and experience is not in use in his sim
  8. yeah but if someone is doing this then this gets shown in the debug menu wich in this case it does not
  9. i have noticed a issue comming up with a few of my friends there being forced sit and cannot stand back up as soon they try there instantly being sat back down i am aware rlv exists disabling does fix it but where's the fun in that the issue starts when teleporting into a random sim no matter what your wearing even without a relay using the rlv debug menu / show debug messages does not show a script or command is saying to force sit the person the weirdest part is even tho the person cant stand and move others can still bump and push him around https://gyaz
  10. since its halloween i was wondering you can actualy hide your nametag from others without hiding your avatar that i see quite common any idea's how this can be done ?
  11. im searching for a script that colors a object by usings the nearest persons uuid within 10 meters if it cant find any it uses owners uuid for all faces and linked parts
  12. got the script working with parts of yours xiija thx
  13. the link shows what it is for i just want no script error when it cant find a item https://gyazo.com/7115628c5ec96b78cecd83857e58ecae
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