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  1. Just recently got a new neighbor on our mainland parcel. He started returning my stuff that was apparently encroaching on his and i sent him some sharp words. He, in turn, has started trolling my land with what i think are megaprims projected from his land to mine. I can't click it etc, it's literally a projection. <Removed> I've reported him for trolling, blocked him, banned him, but what else can i do? I can't believe some 50 yr old man has the mentally of a 12 yr old to troll. Any suggestions on how to get rid of this thing? <Removed>
  2. Full Private Sim for Rent 20,000 Prims / Land Impact Available No Covenant 60,000 L$ / month http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hallow Bastion/139/141/54 contact inworld Sabina Naminosaki
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