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  1. I'll just leave the name here not the video since the song is NSFW or children. My Type by Saweetie
  2. Most people don't read profiles anymore & they usually have tags turned off so their screen is less cluttered. I hate tping in somewhere with tags on & there are 30 people there, their tags fill the entire screen and makes it difficult to even see where you're going. I also think most go there hoping to find a girl/boy to collar and keep instead of just random rp. Things have changed so much over the years, it's really rare to find people that want to just instant RP, now they want to talk & plan out every little thing before you start, which if I am in a CARP type environment I
  3. Stockholm&Lima & Dutchie both have nice furniture, I have several things from both of those stores, though they are a bit pricey. Anam Cara Designs is a store I recently came across that has a couple of really well done beds with tons of animations. The menu's are laid out well so it's not hard to find what you need & everything is priced well. They also have a few other items you don't see everyday that are fun & the customer service was excellent when I had a question.
  4. I love {ACD}, it's a relatively small store, but great prices & super animations! Stockholm&Lima & Dutchie would be my next favs, but a bit more expensive.
  5. I would worry that most griefers would just wait the week or 30 days and then go back and do even worse damage because now they are angry that the person tried to thwart their griefing. I wish there was a better way to keep them out that didn't potentionally damage relations with potential customers. Honest to goodness new people to SL wouldn't even understand why it was happening unless the device specifically tells them why they are being teleported home. Just saying they need to leave because they are under a certain age will baffle most people.
  6. A lot of people sell their gacha items under the Used catagory, which I think is a good place for it until Gacha items get their own catagory, which hopefully will be soon. I don't think Gachas are going away, if anything, they are becoming more and more popular because most items found in Gacaha events are made by top designers and are amazingly realistic and very low prim.
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