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  1. i am sorry but that just goes to explain that you dont know how that stuff works anything in a modeling software is gonna be quads and polygons , when exported to the format you need and uploaded t your game is gonna be triangles regardless of what it was before the export just like this person explained FBX or DAE , that is the format you usually would use in a game engine , which second life happened to be and both turn polygons from quad to tries that is why the export is required , so they are pretty much identical geometry and such does not count anyone can just change the optimization counter on the size from 10 to 9 and give the entire thing a new geometry and claim they made it if we wanna follow your logic , what do you think asset flipping is ? or have you ever even heard of the term ?
  2. sorry my internet some times duplicates my posts , please check my post below
  3. that was the entire point , i'd insult how dense you are or even question if you are purposely derailing this conversation , but i am civil
  4. because they created them , they have the source material and can do whatever they please with it, they created it and own it , which in their best interest is to give it to the costumer to personalize their product not the case for TMP now is it ? see this is also called an observation , you might wanna learn how to logic 101
  5. you are saying that me noticing that A B you want to say that A+B are not enough for me to reach this conclusion ? even when i added C some how i still need to do their work for them ? , how about no , i didnt make the brand , they did , so they have to disprove me some how , first explain WHY my observation A and B are not against them , THEN provide an alternative information THEN they have to prove it
  6. maybe you need to read what i said first i made an conclusion not a claim in which i said the following i didnt make a claim i made an observation in the first line i said '' believe'' that means i have no solid proof , just a genuine feeling , and not a hollow one at that because in this case there are indications as to where this believe came from which can be seen in the 2nd and 3rd lines that is what a detection is , an observation , if you want proof you can put some time and effort to clear out that this is NOT the case the burden of proof is on them not me , they claim that its product they made , when i compare it to this plus the update times and even the rigging issues it has i can fairly assume so and voice my assumption had i said YES that IS what they did then i would be the one making the claim and i will be the one having to prove what i just said but i didn't , i merely stated my detection and if anyone has any thing to disprove this information or correct it then by all means
  7. there is a bigger issue with acting like this yes whoever creates some thing can put whatever price they want on some thing and whoever buys it is free to do so but you have to understand that this is the free market some business practices are malicious in nature and this one is a very good example to make matters worse , if we allow or even go to support people practicing such malicious tactics we allow other brands who would usually shy from using them to quickly adopt them , the consumer ( you ) dont seem to mind them , before you knwo it , every content creator will just make EA their idol not acceptable malicious practices should never ever be greeted with the '' you do you '' attitude , because it infects the market and soon you lose your choice
  8. you have to also know that this brand was founded on tricky from the start , some thing i have been personally crying about ever since they become a thing DAZ 3D is a soft where like 3Ds max and Maya where those models are the default models that come with the soft where and they just happened to be a 100% identical to the one used by the TMP brand , i almost believe that they just exported them as they are with no effort , and the updates to the softwhere match the timing of them updating their so called '' product '' , coincidence ? https://www.daz3d.com/ <--- see for your self
  9. exactly my reaction not only its a fallacy of black and white , but its comparing apples to oranges
  10. black and white fallacy detected there is more then 2 options there is passion dedicated field immersive activity an escape a job personal space creative language and all of those are in second life , all of those are objectively true , which is more then what could be said for the first two you mentioned not an argument
  11. you didnt but it was impaled it was how it became a topic in the first place , it was implied and then it was stated and then it became a fact without proof , which without saying should not make it a fact in the first place , and that is how it became a thing people say now a days <--- this is the history of how it came to be a topic addiction is not bad in it self its just a word associated to bad things if some one is addicted to doing good deeds would that make addiction bad ? every thing can be twisted to serve the narrative you want it to serve if you are going to use vague words and subjective views and arbitrary rules the result : not an argument ♥
  12. this once again goes for just about every thing in life you can kill your self with a spoon that does not make the spoon bad , the topic of spoon related deaths would not even surface not an argument dumb people do dumb things , not the thing's fault
  13. yea but again that is does not relate to second life , its as related to the topic as not breathing just because its ' A THING SAID PERSON CAN DO '' does not mean it can be used as causation or as a result of the situation of SAID PERSON when you study you under go the same experience , some how when you are studying EVERY ONE comes to support you , people will help give you time and space and you could even ask relatives to take care of the children while you dedicate your self to it going on the virtual world to express your self like a health person should ? or to peruse a living in a creative environment ? not so much support when the learning curve is arguably the same if not harder for digital content , no support , none that is proof that its not an argument
  14. you have understand those are unhealthy life choices they are not related to powering your PC and playing a game or doing some thing in the virtual world regardless of what it is or for how long , people do that even when they study for exams , people do that when they are depressed and unmotivated if anything video games teaches you motivation and determination and you need your cognitive abilities to play good , while virtual space could be a great place to vent out nd reclaim your self from depression and social pressure which means its not an argument against the topic
  15. why should they anyways ? not every aspect of life should be faced , some are not even worthy of the waste of time and the argument that such thing is bad or that this addictive and prevents you from doing other things is silly world champion of snooker was invited to a panel to talk about video game addiction he said '' i am addicted to snooker i played it for days and hours i skipped social events to play it at the bar , it was effecting my life '' he is the world champion now i cant stress that enough as an argument against him pilots today are not allowed to set foot inside a real aircraft of some types before they clock in hours of simulation which is technically them playing a video game of flying the same aircraft made with every thing in mind and you can buy it for 10 dollars and install it on your normal computer today and finally the internet is the biggest wealth of information and its the most open market for business in the history of humanity 1+2+3 = you are gonna want to spend a ton load of time here bro
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