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  1. i have the issue where i have bom layers not applied by hud just bom, when i try to remove them they are not highlighted as worn in inventory and then in my current outfit it shows im wearing them so when i try to remove them there it wont let me. i cant remove bom items till i relog, thats when it allows me to remove any bom items. now if i put on a new bom item the same thing happens as mentioned earlier and i cannot remove it unless i relog.
  2. im replying here too because i share the same issue, shows im not wearing the item in my inventory but when i goto current outfits and try to remove the item (bom tatts etc)it wont let me until i relog. which is very annoying.
  3. been having the same problem. i can only remove items after i relog. because when i add them theyre not highlighted in inventory and in my current outfit if i click the minus or take off option they do not come off until i relog. i think deleting inventory cache makes things worse if you do it often right?
  4. The quality was there because people had monthly events , so they at least had a month to create a gacha with Is enough time for someone that knows what they're doing to create a gacha set , especially if they go the other route and they have clothing they've made themselves before that was not released , that they could alter for a new look. Honestly I don't think the events will stop. People will still make smaller quality items for normal sale and most likely- like before have a month between events to make something of higher quality just now it will be a normally sold item rather than a gacha.and most events creators have to pay to get into so in a way that keeps people from overloading in work or taking spaces from newer creators etc.
  5. Yeah the whole trying to find a way around the ban is awful. Though ,what price is TOO MUCH for a fatpack?
  6. This won't stop origin stores/malls from getting full or crashing but I do see the benefits of removing a middle man. I've heard event fees for sellers to be PRETTY high just for the chance to sell something. I guess an event fee is the price for exposure.( It's better +sidenote +that sellers put DEMOS in their shops so events aren't full of people going in to only try on a demo after hours of trying to get in. yes there are stores that still don't put DEMOS out during events , in this way they will get traffic when people come to try on the item they won't have to do it while at the event...)
  7. Yes it seems I originally said all that in my previous posts. that's the problem it will get stuck if it's a common that no one wants. Especially if they're trying to get the rare. And being around the machine to snipe at the rare last second. I also mentioned events and such would be a mess too , since it's buying till you reach the rare you see coming down the path, there will be more than one person playing at a time, and with lag, full sims - (and things not working even with the friends only option clicked ) I repeat , there will be chaos. And sims crashing. Getting around the ban is a mess.
  8. Yeah I'm perfectly ok with no gacha. Simply shopping is fine and was fine before.The item will still be there even when you had to finally save up for it etc. Maybe people can make items that are only sold during a certain time span rather than limited copies -since then the amount they sell ,would just stop at the small amount of items they planned to sell.
  9. Yeah I feel a midnight board feeling from this ..but this time you pay for the item instead . Hoping this isn't at events other wise machines are going to break down from everyone seeing the rare coming up and spamming the machine. LL will need to deal with sims shutting down.
  10. Here we go. More gacha work around . I don't think that fixes the problem, now people will be forced to buy an item they see clearly , only to make the next item available for purchase. That's like those coin machines in arcades where you keep adding tokens- so slowly but surely the real "big" prize is shaken out from the massive amount of tokens you'll have to put in to keep the machine chasing the shelf of tokens down.at that point people won't bother playing if they see something undesirable , that they don't want coming next. They need to stop with the gacha PON ,everything pon , that pon in the name is very sneaky because pon ties back to GACHA, since it's normally call gachapon but in the USA is just shortened to GACHA for the English speakers.
  11. Yeah before the gacha ban people have been doing that. Selling the nicer looking items in the fatpack. I actually think it's been going on for years though.
  12. Everyone gets the same items but you still don't know what your getting IN the box till it's released so say you pay the amount , and get a pack of items you don't like , or it's not your style, you basically lost your L on something you don't like. Your paying for a surprise box. Not knowing what you will get.
  13. Yeah I'm wondering if this means if the 3000L POWDER PACK in SL at VELOUR for CATWA,LELUTKA ,GENUS will be ended as well, since people don't know what they're going to get until the SURPRISE BOX is released with the items from the creators for the month. Other boxes like a LOOTBOX for items that are just special recolors of already made items.
  14. Sims are going to break and over load with shoppers dying to get in to buy that one limited item they want . The chaos especially those that shop and just afk in events or stores when something/sale/limited sale is going on.
  15. Yep. I'm happy there's no more gacha but fatpack prices might cost as much as buying a bento head since that's normally how much people would over spend to play gacha is the items were too elusive.
  16. They're just going to sell "fatpacks" of gacha now for like 5,000L like other people have been doing already after gacha events passed before . The concept of Gacha came from Japan.
  17. Yes two green checks saying card linked and back account linked. Under my status.
  18. That's the thing. I mentioned before that both my credit card AND bank are already connected and associated with my paypal account. And it still gives me the message that I must connect a bank to my account.
  19. But if my bank account has been connected to my PayPal. Then it's been verified on my PayPal, because to do that I had to do a verification process...so I'm just wondering why that won't register with linden labs payment system when I try to add a new PayPal way of payment .
  20. This is odd, I have a paypal, and hooked up my bank account /card to it , but when i try to add a new payment option with paypal from Secondlife, it tells me first i must have a bank account linked to my paypal, but thats already done. Its being a big bother to me now.
  21. I'm looking for someone to build me a replica of a home in an anime I've discovered. With some animations /scripting in it for doors , blinds , functioning lights ,what a home in SL I would need, And in a more modern color scheme. I've looked myself and only find images of the front of the house . And a somewhat side angle view. I'd really like for this build to be low prim and include the wall /gate like wall surrounding the house but instead of the one seen in images I'd like the black gate wall from the modern looking house in the last image. If you've built before I'd like to see examples of your work. A quote on the L amount and your estimated time of how long it would take to build this .I think this house is medium sized , which is best. I don't care if you put it up in your shop for sale either, that is perfectly fine. You can IM me or drop a note card if that's what you'd prefer more. Anime: sakurasou no pet na kanojo Thank you for your time in reading this.
  22. Looking for someone willing to part with their VCO mesh lip Doran 002. Tell me a price, we can work from there. Or a trade can be made, but i'd rather use linden. Thank you for looking. IM or Notecard me.
  23. Me too, with the incorrect password even though it IS correct. This is aggrivating. Before I found out what was going on I literally thought my account got hacked....*SIGH*:matte-motes-asleep:
  24. Any Japanese sims out there with a decent crowd to hang out with besides the well known teahouses? The teahouses are cool and all, but I have seen more futuristic places, with cyber influences, the problem lies in if you can FIND a place thats still alive with people.
  25. That's the thing, I'm not sure if they are an in store item or gacha item. If it was gacha , sometimes it is transferable . All I know is that it's probably no longer open if it WAS from a gacha etc. But thank you for the response.
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