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  1. My older sister, my niece, my ex boyfriends (none of them had any more enthusiasm than trying certain naughty games, meh 🙄), and last week I convinced a good friend that she is customizing her avatar and I love watching her discover SL. My sister login much more than I do and now I'm the one asking her questions when I'm lost. I think she's going for her sixth virtual husband, or something like that.
  2. Wow. 😍 Lovely face. I'm still looking for bento heads. I wanna cry. 🤦‍♀️
  3. OMG, I love it! I'm glad and sad that you understand me. But you done a good job! I hope read us a designer of mesh heads and remember there are people with chin dimple. 😉 Thank you! I'll find the group, and try Ruth head. Bakes-On-Mesh project sounds good, too. Don't mind waiting, if worth it. Thanks again, really. 🙂
  4. OMG, do you think it will work? I've not tried that head. But I'm scared! I mean, my avy have chin dimple (like me 🙄), and I'm supposed to look for a mesh head the most similar, right? A mesh head with oval face it would be a bad idea, it's correct? Attach pic. (Skins Glam Affair, since I can remember. I found The Skin for me.) Thanks for the suggest, Stephanie.
  5. To my arms! I feel in the resistance. Thirteen years are many years, I've lost a lot of time to have the appearance that I have (improved version of my real self). All bento head that I tried, lose my identity, but at the same time, I feel outdated, all the people around me recommending bento heads. I see the textures, I breathtaking at the perfection of pixels, I'm not blind! I just want a bento head that fits my facial features, fluid, like a second skin. Ironic, right? Please, we need a consultant ingame!!
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