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  1. I get this message when I try to remove my card information. I tried updating (add new) first, but that didn't work, the page wasn't found. No error code, the page just doesn't exist apparently? I'm trying to update my card info since I got a new card a little while back and haven't used it here yet. So I wonder.. What do I do? Is there an easy-fix or is this customer support stuff? I hate dealing with customer support... :/ And there's no difference between this card and my old one, except for the info on the card.
  2. I found a place where I could share them so it's all cool.
  3. So, do I really have do create a Yahoo thing to share my photos with you guys? There should really be a forum here where we can share photos from our daily SL lives.. Or does it exist? I'm pretty new here.
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