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  1. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Destinus Essence/13/217/22 Sim urgent sale full region with 20K prims on new lag free servers, tier due 23 October 2019. $ 300USD for empty sim or fully decorated as it stands, contact Rasputinsa or Ladyonia inworld or reply here for to discuss fully decorated price.
  2. Hi all i bought a new private land and have a question just for my curiousity . i bough the land and put the covenant in my partners name, my name shows green but hers dont, all lands i visited and checked have both the owner and covenant holder in green, is this somthing i should worry about ?
  3. Thank you Freya Radegast did the trick
  4. I attached an inventory item which causes my display driver to crash, which means i am unable to detach it because i keep crashing just after logging in. How can i detach it? Thank you to Freya "Radegast" did the trick
  5. I have a problem logging into my accounts for the past 2 days the message i get is: "we are having trouble connecting. There may be a problem with your internet connection or the Second life Grid please try again in a few minutes or attemot to teleport home". trying too teleport home also does not work. on the odd ocasion that i do get logged in i stay a cloud and do not rez properly, cannot move or comunicate, also get messages that clothes etc. are not found and being replaced with standard av clothes. Please advise I unfortuneatly do not have the option of cabled connection as it is not available where i am, i have tried below solution v v several times but it makes no differance, i have been a member for over 45 days and did not have these issues before onny the past 2 days
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