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  1. Hey i'm Kei. GMT timezone and i enjoy exploring new places, trying new things and creating all sorts of unique looks! Currently trying to work out making mod/clothing textures in photoshop and blender or some other 3D sculpting program but it's harder then it looks! My interests are arts, music, gaming, and shopping! Personality wise i can go from being very shy/unsure of myself when i first meet people and then becoming more of a goofball and a little bit of an odd-ball (although in a fun way!). i love all animals and anything that is pastel coloured or just super adorable! And if it's glittery that's even better Would love to make some new friends in world who dont mind a little bit of crazy :3
  2. Thank you and i don't mind doing unpaid work if you need a model as i just like posing and helping people out too xx But i will hunt for that forum and post there too x ♥
  3. This is my look for today ♥ i am the little kemono girl with the purple pigtails xx
  4. I am an ameature model looking for work in any area of fashion, i am able to model for both Kemono with an M3 Venus head & a Maitreya Body with a CATWA Bento head. Please IM me in Secondlife or email me at Keikitten@gmail.com if you are interested in hiring me as a model for your product x Thank you, Kei Boroque ♥
  5. Recently i purchased a mesh body to make a mermaid avi but not all of my clothes work on the mesh so would like to switch betweent the mesh and standard SL avatar :( however when i remove the mesh i have no body O.o if i add one of the body's from the avatar i chose when i started the body appears but other then that i have no body without wearing the mesh/a mesh :( Help?
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