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  1. Hey folks, I'm in need of some suggestions on maid outfits for my avatar that doesn't look like they're a stripper for hire.
  2. Hello folks, I'm looking for these hair shown on Vista's youtube and MP page and would like to know where it's from. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dVg9YTKdkg&feature=youtu.be https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/VISTA-ANIMATIONS-LIA-FULL-BENTO-DANCES-2-boxs/13584832
  3. @Cuhlar There is actually a free anime avatar within a sim call "Kawoon" I believe, it is located indoor to the left part of the city as you port in after passing the first gate.
  4. I never accepted any animation request on the public sandbox SIM, Me and my group were minding our own business when some of us notice a large lag. One of those annoying particles flying about but I blocked them. We all left that sim due to it being unstable for my computer for some reason I don't know and we all start to notice our HUDs that we had on weren't functioning correctly at all along with a few other scripted meshes we had on.
  5. So me and my friends had the unfortunate luck that broke most of of our bodies into an odd deformed shape and HUDs (Body, AO, facelight, etc.) becoming unresponsive (clicking to attempt to activate but doesn't do anything).  Luckily for us we have an Update cards included in our products for our bodies but are forced to scrap our old items due to becoming unresponsive to work. I've lost almost half my inventory worth of items now, there goes my lindens.
  6. I've never gotten to visit any of the cool Sims. Really, I always thought it was a friendly event, but sadly it's for Moderate or above. If you're gonna pick a Christmas themed SIM, atleast let some of the G rated audiences be able to visit them. Just something to get off my chest.
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