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  1. It's Wet Wednesday @ The Monarchy...where the girls are hot, arousing and oh so eager to satisfy you. Absinthe wants her hands all over that body of yours, her lips and tongue exploring every inch of your flesh. Catch her dancing at The Monarchy from 4PM-8PM... focusing on a relaxing, intimate and distraction free environment all for you.
  2. BillieByler

    SL Instagram & Twitter! Follow me❤️

    Guilty on the Sims part... lol that community can be quite rude also! Believe it or not. Theres always those types everywhere you go unfortunately! I recently got back into FB and it's been cool so far! Thanks for the recommendation ?
  3. BillieByler

    SL Instagram & Twitter! Follow me❤️

    Says the person "getting after me" for using an abbreviation lol. This thread is for "Making Friends" and if you've got nothing positive or friendly to add, then move along. Whether you choose to continue shaking a finger at me over a simple abbreviation is your choice. I won't be replying to those deciding to be snarky after this. Like I said earlier... have a nice day guys.
  4. BillieByler

    SL Instagram & Twitter! Follow me❤️

    Y'all really got your panties in a wad over an abbreviation... yikes. Have a nice day you guys lol.
  5. BillieByler

    SL Instagram & Twitter! Follow me❤️

    I just may have to try to break back into my account! lol Really wasn't sure how many peeps use Facebook for SL
  6. BillieByler

    SL Instagram & Twitter! Follow me❤️

    Errr... lol *Thanks In Advance. Let's keep this thread positive please and thank you!
  7. Hello everyone! Just posting in here to try and make some connections with people that play SL even when I'm not logged in! I have just recently made an instagram and twitter for SL specifically, and would really love & appreciate if you can follow me If you have an account of course. & I'm happy to follow back! My instagram is: absinthevontease & my twitter is: GoddessOfTease Since it's been mentioned, I'll throw my Facebook in here too! Name on there is Billie Byler TIA everybody❤️
  8. The deliciously naughty Absinthe von Tease is feeling hot & bothered this evening... she's ready to get her body entangled with yours between satin sheets, until you're both still playing into early morning hours. Dare to indulge? Come pay her a visit when she graces the platforms at 10pm-12am SLT! She'll be waiting for you...
  9. Coming up 10am - 12pm SLT, the vivacious Absinthe von Tease will be dancing for your viewing pleasure... What kind of Kinky trouble can you get into? You don't want to miss trying out this sweet new flavor of Eye Candy! Join us @ THE MONARCHY Members only. Perfection Exists.
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    ?~The Alluring Absinthe~?

    Do you desire a sensual, rousing private strip tease? Or perhaps your sexual desires need fulfilling? Then Absinthe is your girl. I'm a fun-loving sweetheart who loves to laugh and enjoy good company. But I do have a naughty side... I'm a highly sexual woman that gets off on your satisfaction. Your pleasure is my goal, and I always aim to please. I love sensuality. I love to tease. I love it hot, and I love it dirty. I'm a Baby Girl/Submissive at heart. Tell me how you want me, where you want me. Listen as I writhe in a fit of lust for you. You can find me at Liaisons ? Should you desire some toe-curling time with me, inquire about my rates in world. I'm all smiles, and always open to hearing about your fantasies. Feel free to reach out to me! ? → Aвѕιɴтнe vᴏɴ Teαѕe (BillieByler) ← See you soon~ Absinthe?
  11. Thanks. I'll do that right now. Under project, BUG Report & Issue Type: Bug?
  12. I use Windows 10 currently and I have tried multiple browsers, even tried to change my SL viewer to fix this problem. I was using Firefox (their most recent version of course) when I first encountered this message. I tried the about:config and that didn't solve the problem. So I switched to Microsoft Edge and it seemed the problem was resolved for awhile... until about a day ago, when I got the notification again. I went into my internet settings and enabled TLS 1.2 ONLY. Still got the warning. I switched to Chrome, my internet settings remained the same, still got the warning. I've tried everything and I'm absolutely at a loss here. Any help?