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  1. Clearly, you can't read but that is ok. I said he TOOK the money that was donated to him. And i never said anything about his language. Did you even read my post? Lets get something clear, what i see as boasting may not be what you think is boasting. Did he post about how people were giving him money? YES he did. Did others post about getting money in that same group. WHY YES THEY DID. Did they post on every group on FB about this stupid sim? YES THEY DID. Have countless people telling all of you what you need to do, how to do it, the fact you are NEVER EVER getting it back? YES they have. do any of you listen? NO YOU DON"T. All you guys are doing is crying constantly about it acting like you are the only group this ever happened to and if he was smart, which clearly non of you are, you need to listen when people tell you to BUY YOUR OWN SIM so this won't happen. God, smarten up. Really. Stop crying and trying to have people feel so sorry for you. NO ONE DOES AND YOU ARE NOT GETTING IT BACK!!
  2. Yep, they did as they bragged about it in their FB posts. I’m sure we will see a event benifit for them too and for what idk. They can’t afford to pay for a sim on their own. Endless people are all coping that stupid hashtag of theirs because they actually believe that getting the word out to about less then 100 people will make a difference? They live in fariy land. What are you gonna do with that money you got from people? Hum?
  3. Lets at least be real dude. I have read all your posts on FB. I KNOW someone made those shirts for you to sell and get money. I also know MANY people are donating to you and you are taking that money. All of you need to grow up really. NO one is going to save this land for you. Move one already. let it go. You are not getting your money back so go take the money you have now and go rent some place use and stop with the endless posting and crying about it. BTW i can also see you crying abut what i said above on your FB just now. And i'm laughing. move on dude.
  4. I have seen you posting on FB non stop about this. making shirts to sell to people with # slogan. You even have people donating Ls to you. No amount of protesting or contacting LL is going to bring that back. LL doesn't run it. All you are doing is wasting your time. LL don't care and they never will. You need to move on and stop taking peoples money on FB.
  5. What should you do? Form a complete and readable sentence. Start there.
  6. There is no way I would get involved with anyone if i didn't know their true sex. I'm not gay nor would i want to be tricked. And it absolutely matters if they are male or females. You people sitting here saying it doesn't are so full of *****.
  7. Was that an attempt to be witty? Sorry but was an epic fail.
  8. "I'm an honest person". How exactly is that when you're a RL male and play a female on a game? "MESH avatar, they're more fun to look at and appealing to me." AGAIN, really? You are a male playing a female and your this biased? You provide nothing to the person that wants to be with you, it's all about you and your needs. What does your partner get out of it? Has to be the most self centered personal ad I've seen in a while. Congrats!
  9. Well hi stalker If you had reading comprehension skills the OP was the one asking if she should leave the forums and i just answered her question. And lets not mention here how this OP thread was just as negative as you say mine are. So, please go away or at least come up with something better then this lame *****.
  10. LOL, OMG stupid should hurt. First of all i can respond to a public comment anytime i want to. You are the one that made it, its out there for anyone to comment on. Secondly, you took it upon yourself to blast out and make fun of anyone looking for a relationship in a game what do you expect? All i did was respond to a comment YOU made. If you can't take it then stop commenting and making yourself look stupid
  11. Exactly, why do you give a ***** what other people do? How is that even your business much less even bother your life to a point where you need to post and ***** about something that has NOTHING to do with you? And yeah, i vote you just leave the forums.
  12. OH my, you sure do think a lot of yourself huh and needed so much to post it here? Are you that thirsty? Sad.
  13. Wow. Entitled much? Grow the hell up and act your age. You are a grown man, act like it!
  14. I can say whatever i want and yeah they need therapy. if you want to play a child then your just sick in the head. You really are. I don't give a rats butt why you want to play a child. It's messed up and you most def need therpy if you are a 40 year old man running around as a 2 year old little girl.
  15. It is utterly nonsense to be an adult and play a child AVI. I don't care if you "did't have a childhood", get therapy because you most definitely need it to be 40 and play a 3 year old. And no child speaks like most of them do. It's embarrassing to be around and creepy as hell. And the entitlement i see from them is unreal. Its messed up to be a "dad" or 'mom" to them. Why do you need to "play" being a dad or mom to a 40 year old? It's F**king strange. Grow the hell up and get out of your moms basement and be the 40 year old adult your suppose to be.
  16. Then start expecting this to happen from time to time if not more. Not everyone is capable of understanding a one night stand mentality and honestly believe whatever you tell them and you know most tell people total BS just to get in their pants.
  17. There are thousands on FB for SL. I have one and use it to see what events are coming out, or what is on sale or new store opening. A lot of great ads can be found there. I don't use it for anything other then that.
  18. You should have been up front and told her you were not looking for a relationship. I'm sure you didn't say anything to her because you knew you won't get far with her so omitted it. Next time be up front. Do you deserve all that? NO, clearly she is crazy but nothing you can do about it. It's her profile. Learn a lesson from it and be upfront with anyone you are with.
  19. Exactly correct! Everyone crying about the Belleza body not being represented by creators need to thank Belleza for that. NOT the creators .
  20. There is no reason to not go mesh at this point. Classic AVI are done and over and anyone still hanging onto it more then likely will be left behind on most everything in fashion. Upgrade already and stop looking like your 60 in world with waxy skin, flex hair and hands that are as big as your head.
  21. NOO!!! Not another thread about this. Emoting is just annoying to EVERYONE!!! Anyone that would actually PAY to be taught how to Emote deserves to have all their Ls taken.
  22. WOW, is this still a thing strippers do in SL? They still blow up peoples local chat with the most cheesiest crap they can type? i can't think of anything more stupid to do but hey to each ho they own.
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