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  1. Most sims that do not really support spellfire etc do not really like spell huds, but often you can either rez on them with the general group or also the land group. Personally I could see myself using stuff like this in RP though, to give it some interesting edge.
  2. Probably the last thing that I thought of, your suggestion defintively helped! Rebooted the moden and voila, it worked! Thanks a lot 👍
  3. Thank you so much for your suggestions! I tried a little around and my friend was actually able to login onto my account on the same region. I tried really everything. She then helped ordering my inventory a bit so maybe I would be able to log in but still did not work. We figured it might be an internet issue. My internet has sort of a stable connection but for some reason the download is really really slow. It took me 5 hours to download 500 MB when it was much faster a few days ago. So I believe my issue might be something with the net actually. So at least it should not be an ac
  4. This has occured to me over the last few months, now and then. But since yesterday it was especially bad. Since yesterday I cannot login in world on my account anymore. All of my other friends seem to be fine but for some rason not me. Getting this login failed message since about 2PM SLT or so yesterday. Does anyone else have that problem recently?
  5. Having severe troubles like you have too. Wondering if that has to do with SL though, slowly.
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