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  1. Thank you all for your replies, it was the physics of the wall that was the issue. The creator never contacted me to help. I just binned the store and built my own from full permission and mesh walls and bits. It doesn't look as good but I can use my vendors. I can't believe that store still has the nerve to sell that store when its walls are like this. Thank you all for your help, it was great to learn a little about mesh.
  2. Thank you anna, I don't really understand but I did that and there are just blue lines everywhere. Its a mesh issue so then you think? I should wait for the creator to respond to me and hopefully she can fix it.
  3. Hi all, I have a really nice new mesh store building that I bought on mp and I am setting up my vendors at the moment and have come across an issue that's really bugging me and I'd like to know what could be going on, if you can help. The mesh store is from a really good creator in secondlife and the vendors and scripts that I am using are what I would call great quality, so I doubt its a dodgy mesh or bad script issue. I rezzed my store, placed it, stored the build when I was happy. I did move it after storing it just a bit. I set up my vendors and tested them and they worked just fine. So when it came to placing the vendors on the mesh wall, I touched the vendor and nothing happened except I got pulled towards the wall and hopped against it. Its as if the script dies and wont work near the mesh wall? I pulled the vendor away from the wall and it works just fine, but if I place it back on the mesh wall...nothing. Does anybody know in here with your experience of mesh buildings what could be the issue? I really don't want to go with another mesh build, I like the one I have. Thanks in advance
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