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  1. A few friends and I actually started a forum recently, and while it is mostly furry, we are looking for new friends. c: We do have a roleplay section, and we do have a few music creators who obviously love music. If you want to give us a shot our site is http://friendomart.forumotion.com/ We're super friendly and would love to meet more people c:
  2. A few friends and I have started a forum in the hopes to meet more people on SL. We have met a lot of really interesting people through our time in SL, but we're hoping to meet a lot more. If you are looking for friends, or just a forum/store to check out, please give us a chance. We're sure that we'll be great hosts c: If you're interested, please visit us at: http://friendomart.forumotion.com/ or at our main store here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Serena Black Pearl/66/168/2017
  3. As it turns out, a few friends of mine and I have just started a forum called http://friendomart.forumotion.com/ We are all very active and we play SL often as well as talk in our own Discord chat. We too have been hoping to meet new friends and we too are mostly furries. Right now there are about 7 of us that frequent the site and the Discord and we would love you have you. c: Also btw, goth/industrial is best scene, i love Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears, Pigface, etc and i know just the people you can talk to about anime, manga, and video games.
  4. A friend and I recently started up a store with the intention of selling designs for t-shirts. We currently, as of the time this post was made, have 2 designs on the marketplace (which you can check out here.) We currently have no idea if we are currently heading down the right path in terms of pricing, objects we design for, branding, etc. We are also looking at ways to advertise and get our name out on a budget of little to no money. We really are trying to get business going just enough to buy land for our own private use. Currently the idea is to create a line of clothing textures for players' fursonas. In fact, if you have a fursona that you would like a design for, please let us know. We currently are marketing exclusivly to kemono avatars, considering that's what we use, but because we are trying to get an inventory started, we wouldn't mind any ideas to help us get our numbers up. We would really appreciate any help that you could lend. On behalf of Tiny Threads, thank you.
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