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  1. Does anyone have any idea when new homes will come? I am completely frustrated. I have a premium account for years and never used my residence I have always found the premium residences very dull, poor and with poor number of prinses, and did not appreciate any of them, now the plan has increased severely and made new residences in the style that finally pleased me and with Reasonable number of Prins, but it's almost two months now I'm trying a new residence but NEVER with you. I am frustrated.
  2. Olá... este mês eu paguei minha conta premium que é trimestral, porem a data da próxima cobrança ainda não atualizou isso daria algum problema se eu for converter Lidem em Dólar?
  3. Não consigo mais comprar Lidens com meu Pay Pal o que faco?? oque houve??? não consigo telefonar para Lidens lab Brasil??????
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