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  1. Need a customized elevator that does not exist in SL and will only be used by myself in my creations and will never be sold.  I will negotiate a good amount of $L for this since it is a highly customized job. It must contain what are known as Montgomery vector buttons and floor indicators. The elevator itself must be as realistic looking as possible. Please see the attached photos. 

  2. I'm in need of an automatic sliding door script where you can control the actual speed of the doors opening as the avatar approaches as well as the range of how far or close they open/close from the avatar. These are for  the standard "grocery market doors" that slide opposite each other. Not by touch, but when the avatar approaches with automatic closing. If it needs a separate sensor, that is fine too. I can build the doors/sensor, just need the scripst to run them and how to adjust the speed. Thanks ahead of time!

  3. Hello. My autistic son enjoys the Gold Rush kind of games but not the competition and really just wants to have his own on his land which just involves going up to objects that I will create and having a copy go to his inventory. It will not have any monetary value as he just does this for entertainment. So, I need a script that when an object is touched by the avatar (by going up to it, not just by a hand), the object copy will go into the avatars inventory, disappear from view where it was touched, and then reappear a few minutes later for it to be touched again. I was told this is a simple kind of script but I have no experience at all in this. Thanks to anyone that can help! 

  4. I need a simple script that when the avatar touches the item, it is picked up automatically to go to their own inventory. If the item can reappear automatically by itself to do it again that's a plus. It will just be a simple game for my autistic son to retrieve items on his own land just with touching and not having any other prompts. Kind of like the Gold Coin rush thing but just for him to do with objects I will create for him to retrieve for his entertainment with no Linden value. He just enjoys the "hunt" himself without any competitions. Thanks for any help! 

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