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  1. Thank you Ill go look at MP right now and see if I can find your products. DJ Woofy Bulgari
  2. Hi Im getting some of this on the sim I am at (Chirico) but it is using the Blue Steel server. I am getting this error URL passed to llHTTPRequest contains a control character. Im trying to go through the other posts but I am not saavy enough to know all of this.. All i know is my SHX boards wont work nor will tipjars i bought. Now I saw the SHX update but that says it is for the Magnum server... as I said I am on Blue Steel so dont want to take boards and mess them up further... I have the update but not sure I should use it.. NOW... like the post before mine, my tipjars are old.. the people who made those may not even be around here anymore... how do we get those fixed, AND like the last post if i was to buy a new one... How do i know the ones on MP will have a update to them so they will work.. i have one Display attachment and my tipjar that no longer work as well as those two SHX boards... anyone have any direct advice on this? Thank you DJ Woofy Bulgari
  3. Is there any way to see how many people are on Second Life in real time or a page that updates frequently? Thank you DJ Woofy Bulgari
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