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  2. Your about a month and a half late. But maybe try anyway cant hurt.
  3. I dont put tooooo much judgement into profiles, but my "probably avoid" list includes - "No drama" - A timeless classic. " I'm a b*tch but lovely when you get to know me." Any mention of "princess" or "diva". "I'm a loyal person but if you f*ck with me, I will destroy you." type-thing. "I'm always in character as a dog/cat/raven" (I don't mind these people, but communication becomes exhausting pretty fast). And any profile that uses some stupid font that makes it super-hard to read.
  4. Sorry, I am a bit of a doomer, and I am being a bit flippant. But to loop it back around to the main topic of the thread, it is becoming really really hard to see where LL fits into the metaverse picture of the future. I mean there are only 3 real options, right? 1. Milk it till it sinks. Coasting. Managed decline. Whatever you want to call it. 2. Upgrade the heck out of SL and hope you can do that enough to compete against the newer crowd. 3. Try to build something new (tried that, screwed it up).
  5. Milk it -------> Till it sinks. Its a fairly straightforward map. Were just coasting baby. Have been for a while. Will be for the foreseeable.
  6. It IS probably a little harsh (a little). But if your applying for a job at The Lab, I assume you will do a bit of background research. So you will know that SL is their only successful project. And that everything else they ever tried basically blew away in a fart of overhyped-underbaked fugazi fairy dust. So if your going there expecting to be working on the cutting edge, uuuh, why? Unless you want to work on the next cutting edge "thing" that's almost guaranteed to fail. IMHO the biggest single problem with The Lab is that they (as a company) always seemed to want to be something other than they are, pathologically so. And this means they are always reaching for the "next thing" and falling flat, rather than figuring out what it is that they do well and doing it even better. Huge, massive generalisation, I know. And to some degree, that is what companies must do to survive. But not at the expense of delivering and improving on the service that made them in the first place. If I look at the history of Linden Labs, I see a company that invented digital-anarchy-sexytime-land and then spent their entire time either running away from it or trying to pitch it to groups that don't want it, while ignoring the groups who do. If a fraction of the resources they deployed on every. single. other. project. that never worked had been deployed to SL, the grid would be a much different place today. And thats why they find themselves in the position they are in today. Still with a unique product, but one that's getting less unique by the day.
  7. This translates to: "Sorry we spent too much of your tier on hair-brained projects. Broke now. Give us some more and will think about it in a decade, provided no new shiny has come long for us to throw your money at". Or "We are too lazy to be bothered". Neither is really what you want to hear from a company that (we assume) still wants to be around in 5-10 years time.
  8. I always wondered why we are scrambling to create a "metaverse" when nearly every metaverse featured in every science fiction novel ever is a dystopian corporate nightmare that people use to escape from the fact that the planet is falling to pieces around them. Its almost never portrayed as a good thing. If we ever do get to that stage, oh my, humanity is irreparably, irredeemably screwed. If we are not already. But until we either have chips in our brains or at the very least, lightweight, discreet and affordable AR glasses, the metaverse will never be a thing in the "ready player one/snow crash/neuromancer, etc" mass parallel reality sense of the word. I think of all the current crop, NeosVR is probably closest to "the dream/nightmare" right now and its super impressive (or embarrassing, if your LL) to see what 1 person with passion can do. I have had a scootch around on desktop and its petty impressive even without a headset. Kicks the crud out of Sansar (not that that was hard).
  9. Me: I'm busy. Friend: Doing what? Me: None of your damn business. ......and that's why my longest standing friends are my alts.
  10. Nobody said pixel bumping this whole thread? You bunch of LIARS
  11. I second the "if you like it, keep it" approach. My head is a non-mainstream head from an full avi pack (Kalhene Analexa) on the Lara body. Facial anims are not great, and I have to stick to BOM for any details like freckles and stuff, and dont even get me started on neck joints. I even own the Catwa Pro heads. But I didnt switch because I cant make any of them look like "me" yet. And I wont switch till I do. Because looking like "me" trumps any other considerations as far as I am concerned. I still get hit on inworld all the time so
  12. Thanks yeah I am still messing around with all the settings that would have made my other PC melt into a plastic puddle. Trying Black Dragon as I heard that's good for photography, but the amount of options and sliders makes my head spin a little. Anyway, I don't want to get shouted at for derailing a thread, so here's another one if me just chilling
  13. Meow. Come to my place hun and let me put some plasters on that gorgeous face maybe take a shower? No pressure.
  14. I was just looking on the MP and a lot of the most popular hands do mention in the listing text that animations are NOT included. So check that. That would mean you ned a separate AO that animates your full avi, or just specifically your hands.
  15. Then it should work and its probably something you need to take up with the creator themselves sorry assuming that the hands came with their own animations/AO. Hard to say 100% without seeing the item in question. Dont share links on the forum, but you can PM me inworld if you like.
  16. Are you wearing any other AO's? If you have an AO that animates your full avatar, its may be that those animations have a higher priority than the ones for your hands. Try attaching just the hands and the AO for them. Remove any other AO or animation thingies you may be wearing. For example, I wear a Lara body and a Vista AO. That AO animates my full avatar, hands and all. If I sit on some furniture, my Visa AO will override any animations built into the furniture unless I turn it off manually.
  17. Almost every sim or area I visit these days is a standalone sim. Out of the top 25 adult locations in SL today (searched inworld and sorted by traffic), 1 is located on mainland. An AFK place - which definitely isn't ironic in the slightest. The "free market/capitalist fairy dust" has already spoken and it doesn't want mainland, period. Unless you fly a plane or sail a boat, very few people want to touch mainland at all, adult or otherwise.
  18. Backbone are pretty good! Though I admit, I am more in love with the style than the animations. But the anims are still solid. No major complaints. Cumming Soon - The anims are generally good, but they have this thing where some of the sit poses crush your upper legs/pelvis. Its super weird and not a great look. At least that was my experience with the sofa. Avoiding their other things because of it.
  19. ........Grab everything you can, then get the hell out of there?
  20. Thats pretty much the same criticism Musk had for crypto in general when he said Tesla would stop accepting Bitcoin until it became "greener". Its a valid criticism that can be levelled at nearly anything humans do. Musk seems to enjoy firing cars into space on the back of high powered fossil fuel burning rockets. (Edited to remove an unjustified ad-hominem). Society is a heat engine and we are on a burning planet. Is this news to anyone? Oh my, were off the rails again
  21. Sorry I didnt mean to derail by starting a debate over peoples opinions of crypto. But my point was related - something merchants could turn to in replacement of Gatchas if SL supported it that is less or at least equally as scummy. Personally I think it would play well with SL's "spoilt fashion victim" crowd. To have the only set of clothing, sneakers or something in SL and be able to verify exclusive ownership. It doesn't have to be flat sh*tty pixel art. It can be any digital asset. Didnt intend on starting a ruckus. Personally I would be happy if Gatcha's just died, nothing replaced it and I could go back to just buying the things I actually want. A girl can dream I guess.
  22. Also, the whole "crypto money laundering thing" while maybe kinda true in the past is not anymore. Everything on a blockchain is traceable 100%. Just Google some of the money laundering busts the Feds and Met in the uk have done recently. If your money laundering with crypto, your probably a bit of a crap criminal . Never mind most crypto exchanges now require Know Your Customer verification just like SL does when you want to cash out. And of course, the premier choice of money launderers all over the world is cold hard cash. I dont see us getting our panties all bunched up about that.
  23. And I wouldnt have the guy from Ello' Ello' as my profile picture. Horses for courses my grumpy friend.
  24. Lol Crypto is a divisive topic. No doubt. And IMHO, most NFT's are hot garbage. But Visa just bought a cryptopunk. Of course, they are the master money launderers of the world . Paypal just launched crypto services in the US and UK. In the US they are talking about regulation (which is a good thing). Like it or not, its here to stay. However, its the underlying tech I am trying to point out to you here, and how it could be applied to SL. It also "solves" copying issues, as if someone rips something and uses it in public, it can be proven they dont in fact own it and therefore must have stolen it.
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