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  1. I didn't specify which one because I don't do gender in SL (or anywhere else for that matter) so it's open to any and all recommendations, but thank you, i'll try that out 🙂
  2. As the title says, I'm looking for unrigged mesh clothes. I've been experimenting a lot with presentation and rediscovered this cute anime-esque human avatar stowed away in my inventory which had little to no clothes produced for it, so I'm trying to find options for a bigger wardrobe.
  3. I've been having no problems with marketplace for the most part, except past order search but I'm not sure if that's recent or has been broken for a while...
  4. The system body can't really have a perfectly flat chest on a female base without some other parts looking odd tbh, speaking from experience. It just depends on what you can tolerate more.
  5. I don't feel it's quite the same. For me it's so much easier to interact with people IRL, online it just feels a lot more closed off and difficult to approach people, given people can't read off my friendly body language and easy going attitude through the screen! easier if i had an ao for that, i guess 🤭
  6. Yeah I've noticed it's become harder and harder to interact or make friends in any meaningful way these past years, one of the reasons I sometimes leave SL for months on end. I'm in the same boat, even gone out of my way to actively talk in group chats (which I don't like to do a lot) and still kind of fall off the radar. Maybe the crowd's changed too much from earlier days and that doesn't really help.
  7. I wouldn't be that surprised, every now and then I've seen people mentioning they've met and married people they met through SL right in their profiles. However, some of these stories do kinda sound like straight up what a soap-opera black mirror episode would look like 🤭
  8. Es posible que sea un bug, especialmente porque ahorita varios tipos de cambios que hagas no se ven reflejados hasta después mientras Linden Labs sigue migrando los componentes del servidor a la nube. Ahi creo que no hay mucho que se pueda hacer, sólo esperar a que o el servidor lo vuelva a capturar o que LL termine de hacer lo suyo 😞 ¿Puedes ver si el cambio esta registrado en tu perfil web? Puedes checarlo in-world desde la pestaña de "web" o mediante la url https://my.secondlife.com/ O alternativamente, si tienes otro visor instalado, ¿te muestra tu display o tampoco?
  9. I think I might've been around when the first thread sprung up, but in another account Glad to see it's still going around
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