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  1. TBH I never even thought to try an alt account, I will remember this hint, Thank you!
  2. Whirly Fizzle, Thank you for responding! I managed to solve this issue,... I knew the SLVoice instance was running on all other grids accept The SL Main Grid, so on a hunch, I logged into beta Grid, went to my sound apps (see picture above) and found the SLVoice.exe and forced it to run with a different driver, backed up my settings in my viewer and logged off then signed into SL main Grid and like magic my voice was fixed. Thanks for reading and attempting to help me!
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    Voice issue

    I am hoping someone here may be able to help me trouble shoot this voice problem I am having, please let let try to explain... I am using the Official SL Viewer and Firestorm. I have followed instruction From https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_voice and performed everything there, I have a Second Life Support case pending responce. I am having voice issues that appears to be Grid specific, not viewer based. All other sounds are working, this is Not an Driver problem. This is a voice issue, my voice does not work on SL Main Grid (Only), it does work on SL Beta Grid, Great
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