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  1. TBH I never even thought to try an alt account, I will remember this hint, Thank you!
  2. Whirly Fizzle, Thank you for responding! I managed to solve this issue,... I knew the SLVoice instance was running on all other grids accept The SL Main Grid, so on a hunch, I logged into beta Grid, went to my sound apps (see picture above) and found the SLVoice.exe and forced it to run with a different driver, backed up my settings in my viewer and logged off then signed into SL main Grid and like magic my voice was fixed. Thanks for reading and attempting to help me!
  3. FrankRSayre

    Voice issue

    I am hoping someone here may be able to help me trouble shoot this voice problem I am having, please let let try to explain... I am using the Official SL Viewer and Firestorm. I have followed instruction From https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_voice and performed everything there, I have a Second Life Support case pending responce. I am having voice issues that appears to be Grid specific, not viewer based. All other sounds are working, this is Not an Driver problem. This is a voice issue, my voice does not work on SL Main Grid (Only), it does work on SL Beta Grid, Great
  4. Well I do appriciate all the answers and responces (i was not expecting anything to be honest), I suppose it will be a long journey for learning some of the tid bit here and there, I was just hoping there might be something simple I was missing judging by the responces here there is no easy or short cut way about this with some wonderful tutorial LOL well I bid you all a Thanks
  5. Thank you and I am sure its a very complicated thing, I may not be able to accomplish this on my own, just want a bit of knowledge passed on from some one who may know how to write the scirpts involved, still wondering if there is anything like a tutorial or better search terms I can use to get better results from google, Thank you
  6. I set off on a search for information leading to learning how to create an alpha hud for my mesh Body I have created, I have gone through the create a hud which is pretty simple and also the alpha thing to turn a mesh invisable but I am looking to combine the two. I am told it is with scripting, I was quoted a price of 25k Linden for a full perm Alpha hud for my mesh body that would of course come with layers like underwear and tattoo, but that is a bit pricey for me atm I would like to gain as much knowledge about this before making such a purchase. I have my Mesh all ready for the alpha ma
  7. I'm waiting for my new wife to go lorana bobit on me when the server comes back on, boy oh boy talk about being pissed >.<
  8. I just got Married to a Lovely lady and can't log back in, would someone from linden labs be able to give my new wife and I a nice package deal on a honeymoon or a nice piece of land for us to settle down on, I mean we Just tied the knot and I told her I would be right back, I needed to reload for memory usage.. low and behold to only find an Unscheduled Maintenance, what a let down! How will I be able to explain this to her, she has hard enough time with an update of a Lindo Flower. NOT HAPPY!
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