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  1. Do you love dancing on stage for tips? Escorting TEXT/VOICE/CAM? Are you looking for an hourly wage with perks, free ad boards and a drama free work zone for a change? We pay you 90% of your tips and escorting fees. Come see the Classy ClimaXXX Strip Club and fill out an application. You must be a mesh avatar, positive attitude, drama free, able to voice on stage to clients, hear them on mic at all times and carry on a conversation at all times while on stage. We have custom made stage & lap dance chairs with state of the art custom scripting making your dancing experience second to none in SL! Drop in and check us out. Candi (Owner) penelopewellington http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Scarlet Isle/214/75/1002
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    Does anyone know how to go to classifieds to find grandfathered regions for sale?
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