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  1. Hello, currently I'm looking for job.I can RP ,I have experience in escort. Work zone I would prefer for mens only(if speaking about escort  and RP related). I have mic ,I don't bite (mostly). I could also work as bartender ,a shoulder to get off the problems from head. Personal outfit stylist ,I been working on other social worlds with female outfits like since 2010 so I know how to look good enough that even straight guys would say a compliment to me . :) I can be volunter to feed on by vampires,cause let's be honest which blood is better -fresh warm from human or  left over weeks in jar or something like that. I have my head full of ideas ,what I can be. IM me if I got your attention, or comment .

    With all respect ,



  2. So far I have no job I need  lindens to survive and i need Men to love ,I won't lie that I won't ask to support me with gifts ,but hey  what's better way  of thanking than giving all love in return ♥ Also I  get adicted to person  depends  how well everything goes . P.S I am Gay  male 

    Preferences of what type mens ?  I'm not picky  and i say every person deserves to  be loved. ;) 

    IM  or sent message me if you interested.

    Gedas Black

    -Sends kisses-


  3. Hello there,

    I'm looking for job ,preverence on what I have experience  is  clubs, I been dancer,then escort ,then private escort of owner. Used to work at Zylus club. 

    So yeah  I can be escort ,dancer,available to speak on mic. Also I'm homosexual and male. Looking foward to get replays  in coments or IM.

    with all respect,

    Gedas Black.

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