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  1. I think it's doesn't make anything abnormal,It's just a simple persons choice ,I respect it and it's nothing wrong .You do you !
  2. No I wouldn't trade ,the avatar from ''LoL'' Cleary is one peace with clothing same as hair which I would see a issue .Cause I'm person who likes to change outfit pretty often.
  3. ↑Very good point, honestly it was personal social test. But if it was real searching ,what i would offer is my loyalty, puting mood up, caring, also I know some don't do voice chat and I do and I don't even care less if I would hear ASMR. Ofc there would be more ,but it's more up into IM.
  4. Thanks for advice! And sure I rather be honest ,than telling fairytales.
  5. So far I have no job I need lindens to survive and i need Men to love ,I won't lie that I won't ask to support me with gifts ,but hey what's better way of thanking than giving all love in return ♥ Also I get adicted to person depends how well everything goes . P.S I am Gay male Preferences of what type mens ? I'm not picky and i say every person deserves to be loved. IM or sent message me if you interested. Gedas Black -Sends kisses-
  6. Hello there, I'm looking for job ,preverence on what I have experience is clubs, I been dancer,then escort ,then private escort of owner. Used to work at Zylus club. So yeah I can be escort ,dancer,available to speak on mic. Also I'm homosexual and male. Looking foward to get replays in coments or IM. with all respect, Gedas Black.
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