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  1. Thats what we thought too and we added the Meatloaf show a week ago but some of us have gone to look it up and it isn't showing up even at the bottom of the list. But the person who entered it a week ago can see it....
  2. Just entered a show for today at 4pm. I entered it and I see it but I have other people check and they don't see it.... Had someone else who has the right to enter for our club and they can see their's but nobody else can see it? Crazy...
  3. Can someone please explain how the events calendar actually works? What is the criteria for getting your event to the top of the calendar. I have done my research so no need to reply read the rules and regulations. Please some in depth talk about what is going on with the event calendar.
  4. Now that's a good one.... even though they told me this could be done and charged me for it... you think I should get a little bit of a refund? Don't hold my breath, eh...
  5. I own a full sim where I was running a magazine. Decided after four years to try something different... So I paid for Linden Labs to change the sim name as well as move it to a different location. In doing so the old landmarks which led to the magazine were supposed to not work anymore... Here I am with my new name change and sim moved but I go to test my old landmarks to the magazine and they are not shut down. They now lead to the new sim which is a totally different idea than a magazine. What's up? If they can't kill the old landmarks that now lead to my new sim shouldn't I get some refund? I mean come on I paid a hell of a lot of mullah, I've waited over a week for the basics to be taken care of when I was told it would only take 24 to 48 hours and now after a week all is done EXCEPT what I asked for? Anyone shed any light on this?
  6. Tier is $295? I rent full 30,000 prim SIM for $300? So why bother?
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