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  1. I've been looking for one myself too, left SL for quite a while simply for the lack of Rp and it was frustrating to never be able to find a place or ppl to rp with
  2. Hey everyone, I'm not sure how many people out there enjoy roleplaying as a feral creature, but I was wondering. After being in SL for over 3 years I've seen Feral rp die every day, I'm not sure if it's just that the sims I used to hang at are gone, or what happened, but I would absolutely Love to get back to that kind of roleplays. So I've thought about creating a group, a horse herd was my first thought, for those who enjoy roleplaying as a feral creature. It doesn't have to be a herd, however. If you have any suggestion please throw it out here and let me know! I can't promise you'll get to roleplay every minute you're in, specially not while it's just starting and such, but I can at least promise I'll be trying my best to make it entertaining. I've been giving this idea time, thinking about it, re-thinking about it over and over before I decided it was time to throw it out to the forums, maybe that way I can see if anyone else would like it to be a thing If you happen to be interested, just send me a note in Sl, or reply here, I'll be happy to hear from you ^-^
  3. Still searching for Rp partners and / or Rp sims to join ^-^
  4. I'd be interested in joining a pack! ^-^ I miss feral rp quite a lot haha
  5. Hello! I've posted something like this before, but unfortunately didn't find what I was looking for, now I'm back in hopes of finding it xP I've been in Sl for over 3 years now, and after a little break I'm back and hoping to find someone to roleplay with. I am a para-roleplayer, I'd like to consider myself semi to literate, not a fully literate roleplayer but still good enough to provide an entertaining experience to those who choose to roleplay with me ^-^ I can play pretty much anything, I have various characters and would be willing to make a new one if needed for a specific roleplay (Honestly I love having an excuse to make new characters, I find that real fun) I can play a human. She comes with a whole backstory but I'd be happy to make up a reason for her to be in said place or Rp (She's 22 years old, has worked with horses and as a trainer before, knows a Lot about them. She also owns a horse, who if possible I'd Love to be able to bring over) I can also Rp Anthros and feral creatures, from a little parrot to a dragon! I'd be open for any kind of roleplay, I've roleplayed a K-9 before, a service dog, wild animals, house pets, you name it. I spend 90% of my time IC (In Character), I'm not looking for a place or a family that will spend their whole time OOC. Of course I'm fine with some random chatter and stuff every now and then, I enjoy that too, but roleplay is the main thing for me and what I enjoy the most ^-^ I'm also perfectly fine with Adult sims and that kind of stuff. If you have any ideas A SIM open for rp (and that will accept ferals roleplaying) A story you want to bring to life, and need someone to Rp with you just send me a note in game! My timezone is CET (SLT +9) but I tend to stay late at night many, many times ^-^ Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you ❤️
  6. KayFeral

    Feral Rp

    Get started with what exactly? ^-^ You can always contact me as I'm the one who opened the topic xD
  7. KayFeral

    Feral Rp

    Hello My name is KayFeral but most ppl simply call me Kay I've been on Sl for a bit now and I've realised that slowly, all feral rp sims have started disappearing, me, as a very frequent feral rpyer find this pretty sad, and I was wondering if anyone knows about a sim that still has a decent feral rp community, or, if anyone knows about a barn/stables that are open? Or, if there is someone that owns a sim, or renting part of land, or simply someone who owns a land and would like to have horses around, please send me an IM, as I'm actively looking for a place to open a new barn / stables to give the horse rpyers a place, and get them back :3 Thank you very much ❤️
  8. I've been around Acacia Falls but haven't seen any stables there o.o
  9. KayFeral

    Rp Seeking.

    Hello My name is KayFeral but most ppl simply call me Kay I've been on Sl for a bit now and I've thought about posting here a few times but never sat to actually do it. I normally play and hang around as a feral creature, it being a wolf, dog, horse, deer, and a long etc I Love changing characters and love using them all around sl, but unfortunately, most of them are sitting on the inventory catching dust and being forgotten, so I decided to start actively looking for someone to rp with. I can roleplay as MANY kind of animals, from various dog breeds (From a tiny crested chinese to a doberman), wolves, many different horse breeds, even as a parrot. I would love to be able to find someone, or some family, that would like to adopt a dog, or another animal, and would like to rp and not just be one of those familias that sit and chat in voice doing nothing more than that, but also a family / someone that will understand that I sometimes may want to be something different or RP elsewhere. (Though they would be more than welcome to join me) I would also love it if someone could recommend any kind of RP Based City or if someone knows about a barn / stables I could call home, as slowly, equine rp seems to be dying. Thank you ❤️
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