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  1. Hello, I am looking for a position basically anywhere I can stick my nose in. Dabbled in a little bit of everything. Started out as an freelance escort and did that for 5 years. Mostly other male clients. So I have a lot of experience there. Great with RP and often can sit in any RP environment. Have a at least a basic understanding of avatar design, Interior design, texturing to a degree, photography on sim. If you want examples, you can message me here or or shoot me a text on Telegram (@pharaohluis). I'm otherwise a nice yet just kind of person. Will act good in most situations. O
  2. Ok, now I was just made an idiot. I came on just now to get a screenshot of the settings and NOW I can get it to work when this morning I couldent. Thats bizarre... *face-palms* At least I saved my problem at least. Is this a LL thing where the first 24 hours you cant have anyone but yourself building and using scripts?
  3. At the moment its just me and a friend who have access to the island. There's no public access just yet. When we do, were going to have a group invite for people who are renting and living on the island. Our issue is I am the only one who can build and my friend ant help me. And we have tried everything I know of to allow him to build and run scripts, but he cant and I'm not sure why. There shouldent be an excuse why he cant and I have yet to find out why he cant when all the settings allowing scripts and building for the land have been allowed. Atm we have roadwork and big buildigs up, w
  4. I just bought a private island and was working on it yesterday night. I invited a friend over and he asked if I could enable scripts and building so he could place a building he wanted to add to our island. I did what I could and enabled it in the Parcels options (I haven't split the island up yet, don't intend to if I don't have to) and yet the scripts and building was still banned estate wide. Is there a way to enable scripts and building estate wide on a newly bought sim? I intend to rent out apartments and small houses on the island to other residents and would like to get scripts and
  5. This can be closed. I found the info I needed.
  6. I can agree with this. Started on 512 as the base of my place, basically living my second life out of a shipping container. I luckily got a job and was able to get an 1/8th of a sim and am working tords a full sim here shortly. And its been 7 years. You got to think of advancing in SL much as RL, without much of the RL limitations. Its not going to be an easy climb and your going to be stepping on a lot of tacks, sharp rocks, and legos to get there, but you will get there. You just got to find a motive and possible a few friends with like motives and take a stab at it.
  7. Hello, a me and a few friends are intending to buy a private island for a project of ours and I want to know how the charges are held. Dose the land maintenance fee get charged the same day as my my first time set up fee? Why i need to know is were all trying to set up how were going to afford it, as its going in my name and I need to know haw to split the costs up for the first time setup between us, as I can easily pay for the maintenance fees myself afterwards.
  8. Im looking for a decent job in one of the following areas, Going in order from most experanced to least experanced: Inworld Photographer Avatar Model Escort Home/Sim Designer Im a very layed back guy and fun loveing. Furry fan. I'm very patent and very respectful. Get back to me as soon as possable.
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