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  1. Starting to look like there's niche groups and places and you have to find them yourself haha~ It's hard when you search up places relavent to your interests and they're all empty and haven't had traffic in days. I stopped playing any MMORPGs because I capped on all the ones I wanted to play. I'll play BDO when it becomes free to play or free trial based. Just finished World of Final Fantasy on the PS4 and currently playing Pokemon Sun on the 3DS.

  2. Hello everyone! I used to be pretty active in my own right but had to deal with some heft IRL stuff for a while and had to disconnect. That being said, when I came back every familiar location I used to hang out is gone or replaced. My friends have long since become inactive so I need some new places to hang and new people to chat with.

    If you aren't opposed to a little bit of fuzz on my avi (I know some people used to prefer if I was human), hit me up with an IM or friend request. *insert winky face here*

    I'm not a roleplayer, I always found it fascinating to observe but I could never participate. I'm not looking for relationships.

    My interests include, console gaming (PS3, PS4, 3DS, Wii U, Xbox, etc), MMORPGs (mostly dungeon crawlers such as Dungeon Fighter Online, Vindictus, and Dragon Nest. But I also played games such as Blade and Soul, Ragnarok Online, RIFT, ARK, and Guild Wars 2), fiddling with computers and laptops, baking all sorts of diabetes inducing treats, drinking an unhealthy amount of tea, cleaning, and consuming my body weight in chicken wings. Some key topics I enjoy are "Steven Universe", "Undertale", "Pokemon", "Manlybadasshero" and "Anime/Manga" (I guess I should throw "Yaoi/BL" in there as well).

    Musical tastes... I could say I have a specific type of music more than the other but I don't have a favorite? If you want to introduce me to some of your own favorites feel free I love listening to music. (Electronic or chiptune seems to be my current flavor).

    Warning: I'm chatty. I like to talk. A lot. I'm twenty six so I'd prefer friends around my age for several reasons but it's not required.

    Well I should end this before it gets TLDR. Hope to get to know you! I'm a lonely bum so I'll be lurking~

  3. Hi! Hi? HELLO! I don't know how to start this.... haha

    I'm just a common new person, super lost. I've been reading guides and helpful user distributed information but I can't seem to find the courage to just go up to anyone. I have gone around and seen some really interesting avies! Too shy to talk to them so I just stand super far away like a creeper.


    Basically I just want a friend to talk to. If anyone can show me the ropes, I would appreciate it greatly but it's not necessary. Just having a buddy would be awesome~ Uh thanks for reading! *bow*

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