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  1. Would you take the word of a "survivor" then? Check my profile and limits if you want. "I will not be raped by a man" is chief among them. Let's skip the fact that it cannot happen in SL anyway and that there was no CTRL-SHIFT-H for me. It is my limit. If you want to role play being forced, please have fun. If I want to enjoy being captured, tied up and "raped" by a Miss, please don't call me names. I am a victim of multiple and prolonged rape in RL and I am saying that SL role play rape is just people having fun and nothing more plus I do enjoy role playing being forced by a beautiful and confident woman. This comes up from time to time and it draws me out but what offends and angers me is anyone who assumes the worst thing that can happen in SL is in any way close to the hell I lived through as a child. It is like saying you know what war is like because you played Call of Duty. I have lived through it and I can tell you that what happens in SL is not rape no matter what anyone involved or witnessing might want to claim. Rape in SL is as impossible as being shot by the video game you are playing. That is my perspective in any case.
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