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  1. Thank you Charlotte!!! last i looked this tutorial was down and I had seen this a long time ago n this is exacly what i was looking for... ♥♥ i know Anya does amazing stuff and I have given her some pointers in SP as well but I couldnt get the exporting without blurring for some reason the last bits i was using it. I havent been in SL for quite some time as i have been working on personal projects which havent required me to do any texturing lately and this in return has made my life a bit easier for the time being however, this is the exact solution to the problem i was needing when i posted this months ago as the answer i KNOW is in this very tutorial ♥ thank you for all the responses everyone xo
  2. Hi everyone! So I have been trying to read up past posts about Substance painter export settings without luck and such because I am struggling with getting a PROPER way to export my work from Substance Painter into Second Life without it looking blehhhh. I have been using the screenshot method from a 4096 quality in Substance, but i always seem to struggle when it comes to keeping the quality of the textures from substance when i import to SL..... (now i understand i will lose some because of the screenshot method not being the best way to work) but ive seen some people create and when they import their work it looks EXACLY the same so obviously there has to be something im not doing right... but I would really appreciate if someone could guide me properly with a step by step of what the proper export settings are n such because im really just frustrated with this. I have been asking around on social media and noone seems to want to help with this. I would greatly appreciate any help at this point because I seem to have just hit a wall and in the previous posts about this subject on this new forum stuff i don't see any of the media attached previously so its of no help unfortunately. So any help would be greatly appreciated! Ive just grown very frustrated because I can work with substance no problem, I can work with or without the baked lighting node, depending on whats required, i know enough to get around in the program itself however, i just seem to be at an impass of what needs to be done properly in order to have successful textures in SL. Thanks a bunch <3 Faith
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