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  1. Thank you Charlotte!!! last i looked this tutorial was down and I had seen this a long time ago n this is exacly what i was looking for... ♥♥ i know Anya does amazing stuff and I have given her some pointers in SP as well but I couldnt get the exporting without blurring for some reason the last bits i was using it. I havent been in SL for quite some time as i have been working on personal projects which havent required me to do any texturing lately and this in return has made my life a bit easier for the time being however, this is the exact solution to the problem i was needing when i posted
  2. Hi everyone! So I have been trying to read up past posts about Substance painter export settings without luck and such because I am struggling with getting a PROPER way to export my work from Substance Painter into Second Life without it looking blehhhh. I have been using the screenshot method from a 4096 quality in Substance, but i always seem to struggle when it comes to keeping the quality of the textures from substance when i import to SL..... (now i understand i will lose some because of the screenshot method not being the best way to work) but ive seen some people create and when t
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