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  1. Hello There are some stilt homes that are partially on land and partially on water. I know all of the categories of stilt homes, but I haven't worked out what category that type of stilt home is in. Can anyone help me with that, please?
  2. Well I don't remember, but the last region I left it looked like there were 3 no house lots, by the time I left. That region was called Harborview Wharf.
  3. I have found with the no house problem, that the controller can't be reset, no matter how long I left click on it. I just get the message saying, choose a house, which of course, I can't and because of my time zone, live chat is closed. There appears to be quite a few empty lots around the stilts homes and they seem to always choose me ☹️
  4. Yes, I also had the unpacking problem, so just changing regions, then it worked OK. On the topic closure, I think the person's comments were too much, but as an Asian, we are used to having to be more careful about what we say, so I think it would be better to be more careful.
  5. Despite the status saying the unscheduled maintenance has been fixed, logins are still not happening, with a message that something unexpected has gone wrong! OK logins are slow, but now possible.
  6. Yes but at least you have said something about it, cos I was feeling so alone and worried Oh and I have places to go, things to see, big decisions to make. Well, kinda
  7. I can't either. Getting log in failed response.
  8. Oliveryork

    Time Warp

    The weirdest thing has just happened to me. I leased some land and made the payment, then started to put up a house and trees, then everything froze, so I relogged, When I got back in, less than a minute later, everything that I had done was gone and the land was back to where it was about an hour earlier, with the for lease sign. It was as if nothing had happened. I have lost no copy stuff, obviously, but that isn't a big deal and I have the record in my account of the payment for the lease, but this seems like a major SL glitch and I have never seen anything like it before.
  9. For a week or so, when I open profiles, in world, there is a padlock showing and when I click it I get the SL log in screen, within the profile area. If I log in, then I can see profiles, but as soon as I close the profile, I have to start all over again when I open a new one. This also happens to my own profile. I use SL Viewer 4.0.3 (312816). This is a new issue for me, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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