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  1. Despite the status saying the unscheduled maintenance has been fixed, logins are still not happening, with a message that something unexpected has gone wrong! OK logins are slow, but now possible.
  2. Yes but at least you have said something about it, cos I was feeling so alone and worried Oh and I have places to go, things to see, big decisions to make. Well, kinda
  3. I can't either. Getting log in failed response.
  4. Oliveryork

    Time Warp

    The weirdest thing has just happened to me. I leased some land and made the payment, then started to put up a house and trees, then everything froze, so I relogged, When I got back in, less than a minute later, everything that I had done was gone and the land was back to where it was about an hour earlier, with the for lease sign. It was as if nothing had happened. I have lost no copy stuff, obviously, but that isn't a big deal and I have the record in my account of the payment for the lease, but this seems like a major SL glitch and I have never seen anything like it before. I have done a cache clear just in case, but nothing ! I just can't believe a sim can go back to something earlier in minutes and why would it anyway ? Is this something normal that I don't know about ? Thank you. Update - Thanks Rolig, but I went through the problem with the land manager and they did not ask for any roll back and don't understand what happened either. It is not mainland. They are going to ask LL, but picking up on your point, maybe LL roll back if they notice a serious problem with a sim ?
  5. For a week or so, when I open profiles, in world, there is a padlock showing and when I click it I get the SL log in screen, within the profile area. If I log in, then I can see profiles, but as soon as I close the profile, I have to start all over again when I open a new one. This also happens to my own profile. I use SL Viewer 4.0.3 (312816). This is a new issue for me, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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