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  1. This might be a long shot .. But you were griefed a few days ago at the party. Perhaps something related to that? And if not, it's just sl testing your patience! Either way, hope you can get it sorted!
  2. After weeks and weeks of refreshing I finally landed on one. And I am just around the corner from one of the Pickles. So feeling pretty happy about my location. Have not done much with it yet. A rooftop add on and a deck from GOOSE that I modded the heck out of to shape it around the boat. That sacrificial chicken paid off after all. \o/
  3. Fox & Gear, I totally get your frustration and you are right, people should really look over the forum before asking questions to help avoid flooding the threads. But I was more specifically referring to some instances where the snarky-ness was directly put out there to specific people. It was just disheartening, you know? The other frustrations, I totally understand
  4. I have been biting my tongue about this for weeks but now I'm going to say my piece... There honestly have been some really snarky comments from people in the threads since the new homes/houseboats fiasco started up. And I am not trying to be a dick about it, but the snarky comments seem to only come from some of those who got homes early on in this process. You have your new LL home and that is wonderful, I am thrilled for everyone who managed to get one, I really am. But is it really necessary to intentionally make people feel stupid, or bully them with rude remarks? I am not goi
  5. Personally I am not bothered by the wait whatsoever. A watched pot never boils. I'll be happy when I get to claim mine. I just thought my chicken visual was rather comical *cheesy smile*.
  6. "Runs through the chat dancing and chanting with a sacrificial chicken, raised high above my head ... Houseboat!! Houseboat!! Houseboat!!!".
  7. Glad I came out for this and got to meet some faces from here as well as potential new neighbours. It was a lot of fun <3
  8. No news yet! There is a "pinned" post at the top of the forum here from Patch. That is the one you need to watch for official announcements.
  9. LOL omg the sunglasses ... You crazy ass squirrel! <3
  10. I think your pipe dream, as you called it is really quite a thoughtful idea. It likely won't happen, true. But still, nice to see someone thinking a good thought that is beneficial for a community
  11. ME, lmaoooo ... I'd like to see me on the new continent! Hopefully by the next released round <3
  12. Honestly, I have never heard of a group of that nature until Matty commented on it earlier. Sure did give me a giggle though, Beth! lol
  13. Anti-sex group?? LOL what an odd hoooman!
  14. THanks Gryphon and B! Appreciate your input very much
  15. Thank you for the fast reply Marianne! And yes, I figured that is what happened which is cool. Glad someone got one! I will just try more as time permits.
  16. Afternoon everyone, a few hours ago I managed to hit refresh as one of the houseboats came up. And what I saw was all 4 boat models in ONE picture. Does this mean that you just choose the one option and then you can decide which style to rez after? I ask as I obviously didn't get one, it took me to the page to "accept" and then it errored out on me lol. Regardless though, would love an answer to my question if anyone has a minute to help out
  17. I ended up doing exactly that and you are right, with a bit of practice I finally got it. Thanks very much for your reply!! I did however, end up playing around by putting a script AND my pose "into" the object so when I attach the object it auto poses me.
  18. I make static poses and would like to add some props to said poses. Cell phones, bags etc etc but I am clueless as to how I go about making this work. If I attach a bag to my right hand for example, it's all over the place and a real issue trying to edit it in order to get it to sit where it should sit. Any help or a step by step guide to making this a little easier would be extremely appreciated (including pointing me in the direction of what script to use as well). Thanks in advance!
  19. I can't even tell you that much. The script seems to be no mod. However I did get full perm ones as of today. Is that the issue then, setting the sit target height? Being that these are static poses for photos and not furniture. I will assume that I will need to adjust each one differently as some are single poses, some couples etc.
  20. I know this is the animation forum but I was unsure where else to submit my query. I am new to pose making, specifically static poses for photography. The pose creation has been a pretty simple learning process but I am stuck in regards to "setting" the pose balls and making them stay that way. IE: I add the bvh file to the pose ball/balls (script already in said pose ball I get my poses lined up in regards to the proper height. I take pose ball back into inventory Now, when I rez it back out, it sits at "floor level". Hence my little conundrum! I am sure there
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