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  1. 1 hour ago, Varistentia Varriale said:

    Look I was young (a year ago) and needed carrots and that woman (points with ma little paw at the Krys hooman) said that it was for science, she lured me into her gypsy wagon with the promise of carrots. Diz is her in the piccie below (da Krys hooman) looking a beet shady now that I think of it yet kinda pretty for a hooman, she said "there iz carrots inside", and I happily ran on ma little feet inside (tap tap tap) then the door slammed shut behind me.



    Disclaimer: This is a joke btw nothing bad happened to the hamster we know each other. :) 

    Ok I MAY have accidentally closed the door on you... But it was to keep you safe and maybe also a little bit for science as well. xx

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  2. I first arrived in Belli last May. As a 12 year long resident of Second Life, I was thrilled to hear that LL had brought a brand new community to the grid. It took until July for me to get my first home which at times, created a little frustration. But, it also opened up many new friendships for me as it gave me the time to really explore the lands of Belli. To roam around, seeing all the creativity of the residents moving in. And of course, to make new introductions and some strong and unique friendships that I hope will last for years to come! 

    To those of us that have been on the grid for let's say ten-twelve years plus, I can tell you, without question... That the birth of Bellisseria truly brought back a "sense of community and belonging" that had long since vanished for many of us roaming the grid. People here seemed somehow more accepting, more caring, willing to share a laugh with a total stranger, open up their homes for others to come and witness their imagination and it's limitless bounds within this virtual space. Bellisseria was truly a gift to its residents in so many ways, I am not sure I could even list them all here... 


    My first home/houseboat @ Brodovima located a hop, skip and a jump from the original Squishy Pickle ♥



    An early days, "Flaming guitar" pickle party!

    Sunday Beach Party with Doc and B!!


    Rediscovering my love for the sea in the beautiful, mostly calm (lol) waters of Bellisseria

    Mermaids Song

    And of course .. To forming some of the most unique and wonderful friendships a gal could ask for. (Yes that is in fact a hamster, who had decided that my bed, no longer belonged to me)!



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  3. We (The Belli Community at large) have some amazing events coming up and I wanted to make sure everyone knew well ahead of time so you can mark your calendars! 

    😍Belli Shore Festival for RFL: March 12-17th

    🐹The Bellisseria Zoo-Palooza Sponsored by the Bellisseria Animal Sanctuary: March 28th - April 3rd

    🥳The Bellisseria One Year Anniversary Party: April 17th-18th
    (this event is still being created)
    It will feature: 
    Belli DJ's, 
    A wonderful particle show by Delain 
    and a few other surprises as well!

    **If you would like to be involved and contribute your ideas, time, special event etc. We would LOVE to have you be involved! Please send a note card to: Krys Calamity (krystalkandy)

    Thanks everyone!! 

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  4. This was in one of the 3 Silo's, yesterday. We may have renamed the region - RadioactiveRegion. No need to thank us Moles, you are most welcome! 

    Edit: Also, the DJ was spinning on a nuclear warhead, because that's not strange at all lol. 



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  5. 2 minutes ago, AlyceAdrift said:

    Yeah, that's been a thing now. I thought they wanted people to get houses lol. 

    Constant refreshing on any website will cause it to crash, better known as DDOS attack or DOS - denial of service.

    So, unfortunately, the Linden's didn't have much choice in that respect and HAD to cap it. It wasn't done to frustrate everyone that is trying for a home. But to make sure there was at least some chance to get one from a functioning webpage as opposed to it being impossible to get anything at all. 

    As for release times, I think pretty much everyone who has checked out some of the Land forum threads is well aware now that releases happen during LL work hours. We never know an exact time, it's impossible to actually announce that because of all the people that need to be INworld at the exact moment they hit the big green button, so to speak. 


    Best of luck to everyone that is trying this week. 

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  6. 5 hours ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

    You can imbed photos directly from Flickr and then the size doesn't matter.  Go to a particular photo on Flickr and copy the URL and paste it here.  Hit enter and paste another URL.  Rinse, repeat, until you are done with however many photos you want to post.  It will embed the photo directly into the post, usually a downsized version, and people can click the photo to open up the original flickr verison.


    Heya Little! I did try that but perhaps I did it incorrectly. I clicked the "insert other media" button and tried adding a url through that but it would not take. 

    Thank you SO much for the help though, I appreciate it :)

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  7. 3 hours ago, Matty Luminos said:

    Those buttons down there... Like, Thank, LOL, etc...  they REALLY need a "Hug" button added. Because you, Quartz, Abnor, Patch and all the other Moles and Lindens involved in this project deserve one. Or lots.


    We also need a pickle button! 

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  8. 54 minutes ago, cleve Byron said:

    And yet there they are, empty and appear to be surrounded by homes that are occupied. So I'm extremely dubious of the "not ready" thing. "Not ready" or "not yet available" would be understandable if they were in regions which don't yet have any occupants. If they're not ready or not available even though unclaimed, why are those houses right next door claimed and being used?

    This seems extremely fishy to me, a dodge to keep premium members dangling with a bait and switch promise of new but unavailable premium content which merely cycles to the old, tired, outdated and undesirable premium content that's been available for a decade.

    Cleve, you need to understand that this (Bellisseria) is an ENTIRE continent that has continued to be in build mode since it's conception. In other words, there are likely "a few thousand homes" that have already been claimed. I don't know the actual number of Bellie citizens of course, but there are a lot and they ARE active.

    So that is why some areas are listed as "not ready" or "Coming Soon". All you have to do is open the map to see all of the green dots OR join some of the inworld groups to get all the latest info on all of the public homes, tours, activites, parties etc that happen on a daily basis. 

    There have been two releases of homes/houseboats so far and there are more coming. There is no scam happening .. And the reason you are only seeing old homes on the webpage is because at the second you click, literally, that  is all that's available. But you could refresh 5 seconds later and see a listing for one of the new ones as people do abandon them.. usually a few per day it seems. In fact, that is how I landed by houseboat a few weeks ago. There was no "new" release whatsoever at the time, I just got lucky and clicked quickly enough. 

    You will get a home, but you need to put in the effort to educating yourself about how this "system" works and the steps you can take to hopefully make it a bit easier in acquiring a home for yourself.  No one is ripping you off  as I said earlier in this post, but it is not LL's responsibility to make sure that you are on your game, reading the forums for updates and keeping an eye on the land page via sl's website. 


    Good luck and hopefully you will land a new home soon! 

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