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  1. I was chatting to someone about this earlier and they made a very valid point about why this would not be ideal at all. Q: Could a “conveyor belt” system work? Example: The vendor board selects an item at random and displays it for purchase. That item remains on display and available for purchase until a buyer touches the vendor which locks it to them for purchase. This allowed the buyer to purchase the item and deliver it. The vendor unlocks and then selects another item at random and displays it for purchase and the cycle repeats. If the vendor locks for that one person to buy the chosen item. Then you end up with a possible queue of people waiting to access that machine. What happens when someone standing there clicks it then goes afk for an hour (we all know this happens constantly in sl lol). Are we going to actually consider implementing virtual waiting lines like we have in rl, when we shop?
  2. Are you suggesting that LL is intentionally shutting down gacha and are willingly engaging in a domino effect? In turn .. shutting down this, that and the next until no one wants to be here anymore? Why would a company knowingly self sabatoge themselves like that? This is not about some conspiracy, it's about the actual laws that we are all expected to abide by on this planet. The gacha machines .. NOT the gacha items are the only things being removed at this time. If other things fall into that category over time, it will also be because the law demands it. I think the entire reason for this decision is to help protect the entity that is second life .. not try to intentionally play a part in destroying it. That notion is absolutely preposterous! You talk about how these things could kill off the active member count. But what do you think would happen if countries that banned these things in rl, knew that the people living there, were accessing it via second life instead? The service would very likely be banned ie: no longer accessible to those in said country. Now THAT would cause a huge financial loss. Never mind gacha machines or other chance games .. They would not even be able to log in to hang out or shop for any sort of regular item whatsoever. The folks who own LL now are investors. They are not in that business to lose millions ... Think about it.
  3. We hold a lot of weekly parties in Belli as well as some themed events at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds. The latter being done by various groups as well as some solo projects here and there also! Bellisseria also has a DJ group of Belli citizens that love to play music which provides weekly sets around the community spaces. Some in private homes/yards, other times in the public hangouts like the pool areas, Randalsham Treehouse/Forest and Campwich Lodge, just to name a few. Posted below are links to the two main "Public Event Groups" in Belli. You will find notices sent out about art gallery exhibits, Fairground events such as holiday celebrations or themed events like summer water parks, festivals etc. As well as all the dj parties that go on weekly as well as impromptu gatherings! If you are looking for other types of entertainment. There are bike groups, sailing groups, horse riding groups, various rp groups .. Honestly, I think Bellisseria has something for just about everyone. The community is really kind and welcoming to newcomers so don't be shy about just dropping in if you see a notice, port on over and join in! We're a bit nutty but in the best possible ways lol. Event Groups: Bellisseria Events https://world.secondlife.com/group/0913c244-8878-95ba-c08c-81fc2214b555 Bellisseria Entertainers & Events https://world.secondlife.com/group/c1480a7a-c1e8-7a25-ea3c-79202624f319 Also here is the BEE calendar that shows all the parties, FG events and all bookings for the Belli Blues Cafe. I make sure this is updated on a daily basis, so you will always know what's going on ahead of time. https://calendar.google.com/calendar/u/0/embed?src=ubqf980s09mfh5umqtg7il6uo4@group.calendar.google.com&ctz=America/Los_Angeles I hope this info is helpful to you and welcome to Belli! Krys Calamity.
  4. That is a "Mole Marker" They grow wild in the soils of Bellisseria ♥
  5. Love the pics!! Very excited for this part of the event!
  6. Ok I MAY have accidentally closed the door on you... But it was to keep you safe and maybe also a little bit for science as well. xx
  7. I first arrived in Belli last May. As a 12 year long resident of Second Life, I was thrilled to hear that LL had brought a brand new community to the grid. It took until July for me to get my first home which at times, created a little frustration. But, it also opened up many new friendships for me as it gave me the time to really explore the lands of Belli. To roam around, seeing all the creativity of the residents moving in. And of course, to make new introductions and some strong and unique friendships that I hope will last for years to come! To those of us that have been on the grid for let's say ten-twelve years plus, I can tell you, without question... That the birth of Bellisseria truly brought back a "sense of community and belonging" that had long since vanished for many of us roaming the grid. People here seemed somehow more accepting, more caring, willing to share a laugh with a total stranger, open up their homes for others to come and witness their imagination and it's limitless bounds within this virtual space. Bellisseria was truly a gift to its residents in so many ways, I am not sure I could even list them all here... My first home/houseboat @ Brodovima located a hop, skip and a jump from the original Squishy Pickle ♥ An early days, "Flaming guitar" pickle party! Rediscovering my love for the sea in the beautiful, mostly calm (lol) waters of Bellisseria And of course .. To forming some of the most unique and wonderful friendships a gal could ask for. (Yes that is in fact a hamster, who had decided that my bed, no longer belonged to me)!
  8. I don't see any stuffed hamster heads on any of your walls. So I call this entire post a win! ♥
  9. Exactly how bored does someone have to be in life to do stuff like this? Truly childish behaviour.
  10. We (The Belli Community at large) have some amazing events coming up and I wanted to make sure everyone knew well ahead of time so you can mark your calendars! 😍Belli Shore Festival for RFL: March 12-17th 🐹The Bellisseria Zoo-Palooza Sponsored by the Bellisseria Animal Sanctuary: March 28th - April 3rd https://bellisseriazoopalooza.webnode.com/ 🥳The Bellisseria One Year Anniversary Party: April 17th-18th (this event is still being created) It will feature: Belli DJ's, A wonderful particle show by Delain and a few other surprises as well! **If you would like to be involved and contribute your ideas, time, special event etc. We would LOVE to have you be involved! Please send a note card to: Krys Calamity (krystalkandy) Thanks everyone!!
  11. Thank you both so much!! I have never had to apply sqM before so I was really confused!
  12. Hey all. So here is my dilemma. I have 512 of my premium land allotment on a camper in Bellisseria. And absolutely zero clue how to use/rent/acquire the other half. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd be grateful.
  13. Yes, should have added a comma lol .. NOT a Mole. That would surely be my name though .. "Notta Mole".
  14. This was in one of the 3 Silo's, yesterday. We may have renamed the region - RadioactiveRegion. No need to thank us Moles, you are most welcome! Edit: Also, the DJ was spinning on a nuclear warhead, because that's not strange at all lol. ~runs~
  15. Constant refreshing on any website will cause it to crash, better known as DDOS attack or DOS - denial of service. So, unfortunately, the Linden's didn't have much choice in that respect and HAD to cap it. It wasn't done to frustrate everyone that is trying for a home. But to make sure there was at least some chance to get one from a functioning webpage as opposed to it being impossible to get anything at all. As for release times, I think pretty much everyone who has checked out some of the Land forum threads is well aware now that releases happen during LL work hours. We never know an exact time, it's impossible to actually announce that because of all the people that need to be INworld at the exact moment they hit the big green button, so to speak. Best of luck to everyone that is trying this week.
  16. And working on the garden with the gnomes..
  17. Spending a little time in the backyard hanging out .
  18. Heya Little! I did try that but perhaps I did it incorrectly. I clicked the "insert other media" button and tried adding a url through that but it would not take. Thank you SO much for the help though, I appreciate it
  19. Cleve, you need to understand that this (Bellisseria) is an ENTIRE continent that has continued to be in build mode since it's conception. In other words, there are likely "a few thousand homes" that have already been claimed. I don't know the actual number of Bellie citizens of course, but there are a lot and they ARE active. So that is why some areas are listed as "not ready" or "Coming Soon". All you have to do is open the map to see all of the green dots OR join some of the inworld groups to get all the latest info on all of the public homes, tours, activites, parties etc that happen on a daily basis. There have been two releases of homes/houseboats so far and there are more coming. There is no scam happening .. And the reason you are only seeing old homes on the webpage is because at the second you click, literally, that is all that's available. But you could refresh 5 seconds later and see a listing for one of the new ones as people do abandon them.. usually a few per day it seems. In fact, that is how I landed by houseboat a few weeks ago. There was no "new" release whatsoever at the time, I just got lucky and clicked quickly enough. You will get a home, but you need to put in the effort to educating yourself about how this "system" works and the steps you can take to hopefully make it a bit easier in acquiring a home for yourself. No one is ripping you off as I said earlier in this post, but it is not LL's responsibility to make sure that you are on your game, reading the forums for updates and keeping an eye on the land page via sl's website. Good luck and hopefully you will land a new home soon!
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