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  1. how do i change my default viewer to firestorm and microsoft edge
  2. but where did it get the cookies when it was working f ine? how do i recreate that?
  3. but where did it get the cookies when it was working fine? how do i recreate that?
  4. so basically the first install had a pop up show to authorize now i dont get that pop up. what do i have to do to get that pop up again. please and thank you
  5. right thats my problem
  6. ok my discord is working but idc about discord i need this flickr to work. :( anybody know why its not popping up with the authorize screen?
  7. i reinstalled firestorm for another issue now cant connect to discord or flickr. what gives?
  8. just tried it. dont like it i like the in-game browser
  9. everytime i log into the mp in firestorm and do whatever i close mp then decide to go back in i have to relog how come i dont stay logged in how do i fix this please before i install second life viewer?
  10. yea I get it idk maybe ill try myself, its a lot tho
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