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  1. oh. the only thing i can think of is install pulseaudio and or check your settings in firestorm preferences
  2. the hook worked thank you so much man!!
  3. https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/436524-firestorm-602-on-ubuntu-no-voice/
  4. so you recommend me install libidn11:i386 that?
  5. awesome i see. so will it work with voice calls aswell as nearby voice?
  6. im a ubuntu user and recently i installed sl on it natively. but the voice works and the voice chat/calls dont. Anyone can help with this please
  7. Request #1528539 is what it says and Transaction - order_id=77178792 and this Balance withdraw net of fee (US$7.18) returned. Request #15285391 but i didnt recevie my linden back
  8. lokiilox

    Shops Wanted

    If you wanna sell anything and want people to see your creations contact me
  9. lokiilox

    Shops Wanted

    I have 9 shops. Each comes with 100 prims. Each 100 Linden a week. contact me lokiilox in-world or drop by Lox Town to see the shops.
  10. im looking for work and i'd love to be your personal assistant. i look good to me and have formal wear if needed. my mic is great and i have a year of knowlege of sl. Please hire me
  11. Thnx for the help guys. I called the SL number and was helped alot and got my account back. Thank you so much
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