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  1. Just to make sure I understand things... in regards to the current mesh bodies available, I'm thinking they will be unaffected by Bento's release *unless* you want them to work with things like new hand movements, animations. In which case, there will have to be an update of some kind. Am I anywhere close to being correct?
  2. As has already been pointed out, customers - myself included - are going to be more interested in getting the face to look *exactly* the way they want it than in limitless expressions. Think for a minute. Whether it's talked about directly or not - SL is about your avatar, human moreso than any other - being absolutely, completely, unique - the 'you' that you want it to be. For years now, that has been possible. Then mesh avatars evolved, and there was greater detail and depth and .... wait a minute. I'm stuck with what someone else wants me to look like. Then evolved the ability to customize, and it slowly improved, and this is good. (Frankly I still haven't found a mesh body that I can get the breasts like I want them, hence I don't own a mesh body yet). At this point - mesh heads - are you kidding me? And along comes Bento. Now, thanks to the hard work of Vir, his team, and the creators that have been pounding away at this for months now, there is a way to make a mesh head *AND* have it customizable enough to sattisfy a large number of residents that have avoided them due to the cookie-cutter face issue (myself included). So now the entire process is being derailed because we can't have that and 16.7 million possible expressions. NEWS FLASH: there has never been an enormous easily drawn on pool of facial expressions. You are giving up nothing, because you have never had all these animation possibilities before to give them up... Let me be clear here. I'm not trying to tick anyone off. I am certianly not trying to denegrade the expertise of anyone capable of creating any of these mesh products and animations. I have been working for more than a year to learn to use Blender and other things so that I can create mesh myself ..and honestly most of what I've learned is to be in awe of the people that can do it. Please, Please, PLEASE remember that perfection is a goal always to be aspired to, but that cannot be reached. Personally I greatly appreciate the insane amount of work and creativity that have been poored into this project. I really wish I could contribute directly, but that is utterly beyond my current skills. What I can do is this - try to remind all of you of things like - there were big changes to the hands too. 90% of the time in-world, hand gestures are far more noticable tha facial expressions. Has everyone forgotten that now we could all have one, single mesh hand that responds to animations, and not have to have 5 or 6 different ones constantly swapping to get fingers in the right place? Never stop striving for perfection. But know when it is time to take what you have, move on....and deal with improvements later. This ideal you are striving for, and sl, and many other things, is a living and evolving thing. It will never stop growing and changing. The only sure way to kill it is to try and hold up it's evolution. Creators - all of you. Bento as it is now gives you all a huge new set of possibilities. Take them. Run with them. Explore them. But please don't get lost in the endless cycle of "let's tweak just one more thing..." okay... now is the point you all get to be mad at me and tell me I'm a nutcase.......
  3. Right up front, MicheloudIgnatio, This is not aimed all at you. You were just a conviented post to reply to. People, get a grip. This entire thread was created to discuss and give feedback for Project Bento. Remember that? New bones, possibilities for improved animations, all of the various mechanics and considerations to make that happen? Now where in that was there anything about classic vs mesh avatars, clothing of any kind, the dog ate my laundry, or Oh My God I fell through my Mesh stairs. Project Bento. Bones. Skeleton. Rigging as related to animations. Weighting as related to animations. As much as I have disagreed with some of LL's actions in the past, in this case they are perfectly correct to ignore everything except issues regarding Bento in this thread. Honestly if they deleted all posts regarding the mesh vs classic avatar and the mythical 'Avatar-2' they would be justified. Baby steps people. Project Bento. Skeleton. If it's not directly about that, it needs to be somewhere else.
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