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  1. I'm having some interesting things going on with my frame rate. Whether I'm on the minimum settings or have all the dials cranked up to 11, my frame rate does not budge, it stays in the high 10's. If I turn off Basic Shaders, my FPS shoots straight to 60 and stays there. Of course, at that point, the game looks so crap that I might as well just be on Skype. If I turn on Advanced Lighting Model, I ctually get a reasonable FPS boost as well, to 30-40 FPS, but then my GPU begins to melt. Turning off hardware skinning gives a small FPS boost as well. No other settings change ANYTHING. Draw Distance can be at 50 or 5000, Water reflections can be anything, detail settings can be minimum or maximum, and my FPS still holds at the high 10's. Here's my system. Lenovo Y510P (Laptop) CPU: Intel Core i7-4700MQ @ 2.4 GHz RAM: 16 GB DDR3 GPU's: 2X Nvidia GT-755M (SLI) HDD: 1 TB 5600 RPM mechanical drive coupled to a 24 GB SSD cache Network: Ethernet, bandwidth set at 1000 kb/sec Viewer: Firestorm 64-bit
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