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  1. Okay okay ladies will not have to wear anything they disagree with i am not looking for a sexual slave more of a worshipper of me praising how amazing i am. And catering wise i am unsure but i can talk roles tommorow
  2. Maslo is a gang in the zerzura sim. Our main goal and to be bad and do bad things and i am looking for the following Snitches to gather information and to generally spy on everyone and report it to the generals and to me. Assassins - general killers and the royals go to guys when things get tough. Slaves - slaves for everyone some maybe belong to one person. Diplomats - build bridges but mostly smooth over the chaos that we may cause. Generals - To be my 2nd in command their maybe a few of these My submissive - My person sub if interested i will private message
  3. I did search for something smiliar to this a few months ago turns out the old 40k rp was closed so people closed shop on most items. you can try to make your own but may take awhile and master it
  4. I dont do the sexual thing in sl it doesnt appeal to me but just curious what actually happens in the relationship
  5. Just wow i am reading this and I wont judge just wanted say that Love is a feeling and can be felt through any form of meeting real life or second life but its always risky mixing the 2
  6. The thing that gets me the most in this post is the fact there is no timezone said. I am a euro based player is she american who knows and has she got a pen for her paypigs and what do we get except her orders. For 600 a week i want the Bang for my buck if i did join up
  7. Were both without bl wise so a move would be discussed before i do anything just a thought
  8. Hello fellow forum raiders. I have been playing sl for a very long time and have roleplayed in many sims and roleplays. The bloodlines stuff can be amazing I feel with the huds and addons you get but the sad story is all the families are just soul stealing and achievement hungry. I am comfused where to turn do I risk making my own clan where people can roleplay the way bl intended or do I just hope a family will pop up
  9. I spent along time in community roleplays and it always the same the creator has a idea that seems amazing but always turns into a house sell. The best way is to find a guy you click with at a bar or forum and then move in to a community and if you wish to have children or anything else you can usually use a adoption agency that ive heard work really well
  10. I have been on second life few years now took a long break little while back. And now just want to friend that group of people or that special someone. I have lindens and am willing to turn into anything you need to finish your group or start it off
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