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  1. Voice Chat Down?

    im also havin the same issues...and have been for about a week now. Never had the problem before. but i use firestorm. im also having troubles posting in group chats that aren't already going. (starting them myself) & making notices...I dont know what the deal with that is. not something i've experienced before either i probably should check my connections maybe.... theres a possibility that thats to blame. but i've no problem posting in group chat where people are already posting. Its the strangest thing.
  2. What? ... Can't Buy Lindens inside the Viewer?

    its called google pulled this up for me when i was having the problem....I ended up fixing the problem myself since this topic didnt help and posted in case anyone else pulled the same thing up. DUH.
  3. What? ... Can't Buy Lindens inside the Viewer?

    well, Mr. genuis; in case you didnt know....alot of secondlife users still have the same problems and will use this forum to find the answers. Even if said person who made this topic doesn't need it anymore, there are lots of other people that do.
  4. secondlife error in upload request ?!!!

    I get these all the time too, but I can upload in bulk as well. I noticed if you log out and log back in the textures are there. I figured this out after one day i just had multiple multiple copies of the same texture i was having trouble with. I also have issues with copying my inventory and pasting it into another folder but when i log out and log back in, its there.
  5. What? ... Can't Buy Lindens inside the Viewer?

    -from the web. go to billing information under your account. There you will see your card info and horizontally from that will be a section that says "used for" press change and select buying L$ in sl viewer. voila. ur problem will be solved. >.<